Yahn'Saara: The Possessed Reflection

Yahn'Saara is a demonic entity that has been sealed away inside a magic mirror. The mirror was built around a thought to be lifeless 6 armed golem type creature. Over time Yahn'Saara's power grew, and brought life into the golem, allowing Yahn to move. Aesthetically, the mirror would have a shadowy entity pulsate off of its surface, (think mummy sand face) and the golem arms would occasionally move. A more in-depth lore to come. down to the brass tax. All Scaling/cooldowns/etc to be added after feedback. :) (passive) - Power of Reflection - Yahn'Saara gains bonus magic power, and magic penetration based on enemy champions killed by his attacks, bonus power is granted if the kill comes from a shadow mirror. Ally kills from shadow mirror count towards this bonus. (Q) - Shadow Mirror - Yahn'Saara places a shadowy silhouette of his own reflective prison, on a radial circle. The Shadow Mirror acts as a two way portal, transporting the first Ally Champion, or Ally/Enemy spell, that touches either the silhouette, or Yahn'Saara himself. Once an Ally or spell is transported, the Shadow Mirror disappears. Allies gain momentary movement speed upon exiting either mirror. Ally/Enemy Attacks sent through either mirror do damage based upon Yahn'Saara's ability power scaling. (W) - Reflection Tear/Orb - Yahn'Saara lashes out of the mirror with a shadowy claw, dealing damage in a cone, if (W) is held, Yahn'Saara instead casts Reflection Orb, which is a ranged skill shot that Yahn'Saara can throw from his shadow prison, or slam into his mirror to send out of shadow mirror if one is active. (E) - Reflective Soul - Every 6 levels, starting from 0, Yahn'Saara can choose an ally spell. Upon activation, Yahn'Saara will release the chosen spell, either from his mirror prison, or from Shadow Mirror, if Shadow Mirror is active at the time of casting Reflective Soul. Upon being max level, Yahn'Saara can choose a new ally spell every few minutes. On cast, Yahn creates a shadow silhouette of the champion the ability belongs to, the silhouette then casts chosen ability. Friendly ultimates are unable to be chosen. (R) - Reflection Of Fate - On activation, Yahn'Saara creates a circle of Shadow Mirrors, that upon two uses, disappear.
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