Wukong mini rework concept

Most of us know that the mini rework concept by Riot for Wukong is utter trash and doesn't do anything to help the champion or fulfill his trickster fantasy. I propose we go back and make changes that better align him with institute of war Wukong. >Passive: Lessons of the Past Wukong learns from his mistakes gaining increased stats to best suit his flaws. Now this would be sort of complicated to create, but the idea is to cover weaknesses a bit. Like if he misses CS, he gains ad or on-hit damage vs minions, if he's getting cc'd too much, he gains tenacity, if he's getting kited a lot, he gains movement speed. Something along those lines if even remotely possible. >Q: Crushing Blow Same but add like 50-100 more range and the following: holding down the key (some of kind of other method) will instead spawn a clone in a random position near target to perform Crushing Blow on it dealing no damage. The clone will disappear upon being damaged and will disappear shortly after casting Crushing Blow. Mostly the same but having more range helps and being able to mess with your opponent by spawning a random clone. Haven't quite thought of how it should cast without interfering with normally using a Q. >W: Decoy Wukong becomes Invisible for 3.5 seconds, leaving behind a decoy that continues his last action dealing no damage. The decoy has a separate HP bar only to allies that can take up to 5 champion hits. Now 3.5 seconds may seem too long but a significant increase in duration or movement speed is needed otherwise the whole trickster concept fails. Most players know that currently Wukong can only cover about 600 distance while in stealth thus if they see a random Wukong from behind them, it would be too obvious even though the ability clones last a very short time. >E: Nimbus Strike Wukong dashes to target enemy and send out clones that dash at the same time to every target nearby. Only Wukong's target takes damage. Wukong gains attack speed afterwards and leaves his nimbus cloud at the target and can click on it to ride it gaining increased movement speed until he attacks. I know that Wukong basically has no wave clear as is and removing his E clone damage hurts that more but to be in line with the rest of his kit, his clones shouldn't do damage. As a result, I've given him a slight buff in the form of a gimmick. >R: Cyclone Mostly the same but Wukong now gains a buff that scales with attack speed. Every time this buff reaches max stacks, units are knocked up again. To balance this out, maybe knock up only happens on buff trigger and initial cast. Des Wukong spins his staff outwards knocking up units nearby on cast and dealing physical damage over time. As Wukong spins, he gains "momentum". At X stacks of momentum, Cyclone deals additional damage over 0.5 seconds and knocks up targets hit. Just a slight unneeded change. Would reward spinning longer though. ____ {{champion:98}} My family once told of an ancient legend about a being outside the judgement of the Twilight Eye. Existing between the spirit realm and the physical world, it was through this being that the Eye of Twilight was born. Impartial in prey, those who are hunted enter only the void, the abyss within the creature. But this was not a mindless creature.. Temp name Tekiru Passive: Shadow Walker Tekiru resides within an unreachable realm and is only vulnerable briefly when attacking. Tekiru's attacks must be issued via commands and deals damage over a set distance. The time taken to complete the attack scales down with movement speed and can miss >So basically it should feel similar to a Rek'Sai movement and Fizz Q combination. Attack phase should look like: Enter physical realm, dash MS units towards targeted area, continue dash another 1.5 x MS units

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