Defensive Hybrid Item

When I say hybrid Item, i am referring to items that provide both AD and AP. I really wish there were more of these items. Until this season there were 3, but thanks to the changes to {{item:3078}} there are now only 2 {{item:3124}} & {{item:3146}} . {{item:3078}} ** Trinity Force** **WAS** an offensive go-to item for hybrid carries. I really think something needs to fill this position once again. Riot, Plz! {{item:3124}} **Guinsoo's Rageblade** is a very aggressive hybrid item designed for champions who are very focused around auto attacks. {{item:3146}}**Hextech Gunblade** is generally not as aggressive, but tends to work best on champions who utilize abilities and need sustain. There are no defensive items for hybrids, and I think that is pretty strange. I even have an idea for it's recipe. {{item:3191}} **Seeker's Armguard** & {{item:3052}} **Jaurim's Fist** These two items are strangely similar, and most likely that was intentional. This item would have AT LEAST * 300 Health * 15 AD * 35 AP * 45 Armor I say at least because when either of these are the stats that each of the two items yield at full stacks, and with the other items that they build into, they often have at least a little more of each stat. Give me your opinions. I also believe that it should have some kind of unique passive, and/or active effect. To tell the truth, I don't really have any ideas for this yet, but I wanted to throw this idea out there and see what you guys come up with. I think that whatever the effect is, it should continue to be more defensive than offensive. I also haven't come up with any kind of name for this item. So what do you think would work?
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