New Ekko Skin Idea!!!

Alex G. on Twitter
Corrupt Ekko will be a great skin idea.. I wish I knew who's the artist behind this masterpiece. #LeagueofLegends
Hey guys, As an Ekko main I truly love the Project Ekko Skin. It came out absolutely amazing! So everyone here should already know that Ekko had a mad crush for Jinx in the past. So this is where my skin idea comes into play....... So let's just say that Jinx somehow found a way to corrupt Ekko to becoming a psychopath just like her and they both started to terrorized every city in Valoran. Everywhere they went they just created chaos and destruction. Now the concept for the skin will be just how the photo shows it but instead of his Time clone being blue it will be Crimson Red and his Chrono Blade will also be like a Crimson Red. His taunts should also kind of mimic Jinx's a bit to where he's talking to his Z-Drive or even his clones after he hits 6 and what not. There's endless way of doing this but I figured I'll just go ahead and spread the word out there for the love of _Ekko_.
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