Dragon Aspect Malzahar

--- Passive: A fiery shield envelopes Malzahar with tiny translucent fire wyrms leaving trails of string like fire around Malzahar. When Malzahar is hit, the Wyrms screech and disperse dispeating Malzahar's fiery shield and leaving him vulnerable. --- Q: Malzahar summons forth two dimensional portals that lead forth to a realm of dragons. Each portal a dragon's head pierces through spewing fire at the center of both portals and then retreating back into their realms. --- W: Malzahar conjures 1-3 Fiery Wyrms. When a Wyrm dies, it extinguishes with a layer of black smoke that rises. --- E: Malzahar ignites a target with a kindled flame that attracts the Wyrms to it. Malzahar's dragons (Q) can reignite this flame and so can Malzahar himself (R). --- R: Malzahar emulates the power of a Dragon. Energy wings spread forth behind Malzahar and the Visage of a Dragon's head overlays Malzahar's head blasting forth a beam of pure fire energy locking down his opposition and forming a ring of fire around them.

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