Random ideas for ultimates because why not

Kill a champion and take their body - You sacrifice a percentage of your max health over 3 seconds to deal 60% of your base health in true damage to a target champion over 3 seconds. If the target dies while taking damage from your ultimate you die and possess that champion granting compete control of them. If you are slain but the target champion dies while under the effects of the ultimate you still possess the champion. Basically Bide - Take reduced damage for a period of time. At the max length of time recast to unleash a shock wave dealing aoe damage based on how much damage you absorb Piggyback - Jump on an allied champions back, while on their back you can't control your movement but can cast spells as normal. You can't be targeted but take 50% of the damage the allied champion receives. Actual rocket jump - Ride on a large rocket in a straight line. Upon colliding with an enemy champion the rocket explodes dealing aoe damage and launching you into the air. After a brief moment you slam into the ground dealing aoe damage. You can recast mid flight to jump early and slam. Goldilock's zone - Target an area and create and spacial zone preventing all champions within from basic attacking, casting spells, and using damaging items/ summoner spells Doppelganger - Disguise yourself as an allied champion. Taking or dealing damage to champions removes the disguise. Upon removing the disguise gain a burst of movement speed and your next spell or attack deals bonus damage Dimensional shift - Enter a separate dimension, while in this dimension gain invisibility but preventing you from attacking or casting spells. Upon exiting the dimension you create a shock wave damaging and knocking back champions briefly and granting you a shield. they aren't super well thought out just wanted to dump some thoughts
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