Can Ornn get his first skin yet?

In 2 weeks, Ornn is gonna be 2 years old. He hasn't gotten a skin since Thunderlord, which was the mandatory release skin that all new champs get. The idea I had for him would be Mighty Ornn. We already have a Mighty Jax, which is his hockey themed skin, and Ornn is the perfect build to play goalkeeper. He would be in full goalie gear, with a stubby goalie stick instead of his hammer. He could move on skates the same way snow day Bard does. He could check with his E, knock up an ice pillar (or a stick, or a wall) with his Q, his R could literally just be a giant puck, or whatever the Mighty mascot is. They could make this into a small skin line they same way they did with the soccer themed skins, or not. I don't care. I just want Ornn to get another skin, it could be anything from blood moon to candy cane for all I care. Just give the big fluffy boy a skin!
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