All 5 of the SSW Skins are for Male Champions - Is this 1850? A Feminist Speaks Out

Edit II: At the present moment, the poll is in shambles and I believe this to be due to the length of my post. People are just coming in and voting in the poll immediately without reading through the post, so please don't pay heed to the poll numbers. I believe that any sensible person who reads through all of the examples I have given in my post will agree that Riot has shown a pattern of sexism in its champion and skin design. Please read before voting. Edit I: A lot of people have taken this post to mean that it is appropriate to attack me with slurs and insults to my intelligence - this is not the case. Be warned that the moderation team is now watching this thread like hawks. Hello everyone. It has come to my attention while I was browsing the 5.9 patch notes earlier that there is a new skin theme, the SSW Skin Theme, that gives five champions a nice new skin, sponsored by our favourite electronics company. Unfortunately, the percentage of these skins that are going to male champions is 100%, and the corresponding percentage for female champions is 0%. This demonstration of inequality in Riot Gaming's treatment of its male and female champions is inappropriate and sexist, and for me, it is the final "straw that broke the feminist's back", so to speak. This is not the first time we have seen male champions getting the "long end of the stick", so to speak, within League of Legends. Did you know that the ratio of male champions to female champions is 124 to 82? Did you know that the total number of male skins in the game is 41% higher than the number of female skins? Can you believe that in addition to these telltale statistics, a vast majority of the female skins and champions are sexualized for the straight man's* viewing pleasure? But wait, that's not all! Did you know that during the world cup last year, the login screen featured seven male champions sporting their World Cup skin themes, and zero women? And did you know that out of the six champions that received skins in the Chroma debut, only one was female? It is clear that at the Riot Headquarters, the representation of women in their game, as well as the idea of womens' sports, are just laughing matters. In conclusion, in order to "vote with my dollar", so to speak, I will be girlcotting all Samsung and League of Legends products, sending a letter of dissatisfaction to Samsung, and amending my F rating for Riot Gaming on the Better Business Bureau's website to include this latest offense. I urge all feminists to do the same so that we can send a clear message that this pattern of male favouritism is not tolerated outside of Riot's Headquarters. *also included within my use of this term are all other groups of people who find viewing pleasure in the sexualization of female champions
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