League of Legends CARD GAME UPDATE! - (Read inside, if you think you can help, then PM me)

Lol Champions + Skin Cards
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Hello everyone, this is a follow up on this post https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5rjrkn/league_of_legends_card_game_graphics_rules_info/ so please take a look there before reading this. Thanks to the amazing support many of you showed me (My idea was even featured on Dot Esports! Thanks!) i decided we should try to flesh out the concept of the game more, something that i cannot do alone and will require help from anyone interested. Take note that this doesn't mean that i want to fully develop a stand alone game, or sell it in any way. The goal is to try create something "real" (anyone with programming experience might help, or using Tabletop Simulator or other methods) and once we have a fleshed out concept on our hands, with cards, rules, illustrations and everything we need, try to get Riot attention on the matter. Basically the goal is to show Riot that this is something LoL players want, and that there is demand for it (this also depends on how much support you guys give me). Before we go ahead i link down here cards i created, and a scheme of the playfield. KINDRED CHAMPION CARD EXAMPLE http://imgur.com/a/aKfHH REGIONAL CARD EXAMPLE http://imgur.com/a/MWGZf VARIUS CHAMPIONS (new ones!) + SKINS CARD http://imgur.com/a/Zpfr9 PLAYFIELD SCHEME http://imgur.com/a/SbrbW **Philosophy, What do i need** The philosophy behind the game is divided in 3 core things: 1) Translate the concepts that we love from LoL to a card game 2) Innovate when necessary, we don't want to be a copycat of LoL with cards 3) Use the card game to go deeper into the lore and explore every corner of Runeterra. Only if you fllow these 3 design philosophies you can really help. **So, how can you help? What do i need*? Let me break down what do i need: **Cards designers:** This doesn't require any particular skill, just creativity, but it demands that you have clear in mind the rules of the game (see original post), the type of cards, and what they accomplish. We have item cards, champions cards, skin cards, action cards, regional cards, units cards and so on... - **Programmers:** So i have no idea how to program anything and i have no idea how much you can do with little knowledge on the matter. In any case i need someone to actually give a little bit of structure to the game, i have no idea if you can do it in Tabletop Simulator or through other methods, so i need the biggest help here. - **Artists**: So if you read my original posts you know that in this game i plan to see more of Runeterra and the Universe of LoL in general. If someone here has some talent for illustrations, and love for the game, then you can help. I'm not asking for insanely deitaled masterpieces, but decent looking images to put on the cards. -**More?**: for the moment those 3 are the positions i need to start creating something. Rest assured that if i need help in different areas i will ask you guys. **HOW TO CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO HELP, How do we keep contacts** Simply PM me, specifying what you can do, how can you help, and why you want to do it. Don't freak out if i can't answer you immediatly, i will when as soon as i can. I plan to use a Discord server to be in contact with each other and creating our little online cards workshop. **SOME DESIGN CHANGES TO THE GAME** If you saw my original post and then the cards i have posted up here you'll see some differencies. I plan now for the players to start with 400 mana (not 200) and regenerate 50 mana each turn. I have also do some tweaks on the cards i have for now, changing something here and there, most notably everyone has higher HP. May still be a little low, will see. but take that as the standard for now. **Conclusion** Hopefully we share the same ideas, and if you are really passionate about this thing, please feel free to help. Remember the goal is to get Riot attention, so LET'S DO IT!
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