Yorrick ultimate skin ideas

I was thinking up ultimate skins for mid and top lane (be on the lookout for the infernal watcher Zed page). I figured out that yorrick was the best Fit for top lane. Here are my ideas 1: stone giant yorrick Erodes over the course of the game When he uses his Q his staff looks molten Ghouls and maiden look molten Graves look like volcanic vents W is a stone wall E is a volcanic vent opening at the location E mark is a moutain Recall is him placing his staff in the ground while a mountain rises behind him, he then punches the mountain, breaking it Splash art is him stepping between two mountains while people flee before him Would have some voicelines involving Galio 2: titanic yorrick Forms are based off Kronos and the four titans that helped him kill the sky god (Greek mythology) You can change forms in the foutain Not sure about recall or splash art 3: shadow lord Yorrick Got the idea from another post Upgrades whenever you buy certin items Is a dark mage (inspired by the shadow lord from Deltora quest) (cloak, staff, etc) Recall has him slam his staff against the ground to open a portal, a demon comes out which he kills before he walks through the portal Splash art shows him walking down a corridor, staff blazing with power, dead soldiers can be seen around him (similar to the opening scene of star wars: a new hope but not sci-fi) Q is more red is particle effects Graves are marked with staffs and are purple W is rune covered stone E is a blast of dark magic E mark is a dark ritual circle Ghouls and maiden are demons Share your opinions below! Which one do you think is the best?
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