New Meta??? Double Jungling??

I think it would be a very needed improvement to the meta to get rid of the duo lane bot and promote double jungling. All riot has to do is add in two to three more jungle mobs to both red and blue jungle and it would be 100% possible. Think of how positively the community reacted when they added scuttle and all the health/jump plants in the river and jungle. I think there would be much more interesting game play with 1 person to a lane and 2 junglers per team. This would make the middle lane a battle ground and favor more bruiser sustain champs. This will make the side lanes turn to the mages and adc's depending on who's in the jungle. I just think that bot lane has always been in a bad spot and that it could be very easy to have two junglers to a team. You could even take a more support champions jungle and just get your gold through jungle camps but still support a lane.
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