Arcade Lissandra Skin Idea

Hello! I've been looking forward to the next Gamescom and the new Arcade skin, so I drew a concept for an Arcade Lissandra skin: Her headpiece would be some kind of stylized virtual reality goggles (sharing visual similarities with Gurren Lagann) and her Ice trail would now be a flowing formation of hue-changing pixels. I also made a gif to have an idea of what it would look like in game: {{champion:127}} EDIT: Here are some sketches and ideas for her Glacial Path (E) skill and Recall! Her glacial path could have "buffs" (don't affect the game, just for viewing pleasure) from vintage games such as pacman ( the cherries), being popped as her claw crosses them. In the end of the skill, there could be a finish flag representing where she would teleport to. Unfortunately I don't have an idea on what her claws could look like. Her recall could be inspired by dance dance revolution, having lissandra dance and fail the moves (she doesn't have feet! I guess). In the end of the recall, she could get either disappointed (like heartseeker varus recall) or angry (like arcade miss fortune recall)
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