A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 4

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Sisters_** {{champion:10}} "You really expect me to believe that you didn't know it was wrong to call people that. Sorry, but no. You enjoy your two-week ban." _"Sighs."_ {{champion:25}} "What's wrong." {{champion:10}} "It's the same thing every day. Hundreds of toxic assholes ruining games and getting reported. Me having to go through each one and decide their punishment. Then I read through the mountain of complaints, them saying it was a mistake. They don't deserve to be punished. And the only thing I have for company is you." {{champion:25}} "Yeah, jobs can get a bit monotonous. But that's why you do fun stuff after work." {{champion:10}} "There is no after work. I eat sleep and breathe justice." {{champion:25}} "Well, that's just not healthy. Me and my ladies go out almost every night. Get all dressed up, have a few drinks. Be a little naughty. You should do that with your friends." {{champion:10}} "I can't." {{champion:25}} "Sure you can, it doesn't have to be every night like me. But every once and a while, you should go out with friends." {{champion:10}} "No, you don't get it. I don't..." {{champion:25}} "You don't what?" {{champion:10}} "I don't have any friends, okay! I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of cold and uncaring; Extremely judgmental and not very nice." {{champion:25}} "You have me." {{champion:10}} "Oh yeah, you. Someone who has gone against everything we stood for. You've fallen so far from grace you will never be redeemed. You aren't my friend." {{champion:25}} "No, but I am your sister. And I can't stand to see you like this. Come with me." {{champion:10}} "You must be kidding. I can't leave work in the middle of the day. Look at all the reports I still have to go through." {{champion:25}} "Those will all still be there when we get back. Come on, there's something you need!" {{champion:10}} "And what is that?" {{champion:25}} **"A makeover!"** _**A bit later:**_ {{champion:10}} "This is a complete waste of time. I don't need a makeover." {{champion:25}} "Everyone needs a makeover every once and a while. And you especially need something. Your outfit is so unflattering that most of the world can hardly even tell you're a woman." {{champion:10}} "That is the point. I wish to be judged only on my actions. Not the appearance of my body." {{champion:25}} "Now that is no way to attract a man. Or woman, I'm not judgy." {{champion:10}} "My sexual orientation is justice." {{champion:25}} "Sure it is." {{champion:44}} "Sorry to keep you ladies waiting. Ah, Morgana, it's you. Here for another touch-up?" {{champion:25}} "No, I've grown tired of the way I look. Give me the full rework. Same thing for my sister here." {{champion:44}} "Ah, so you're the Kayle I've heard so much about. Glad to finally meet you." {{champion:25}} "Yeah, let's not mention the things I've said." {{champion:10}} "You've talked to him about me?" {{champion:25}} "I can't afford a psychiatrist with what I get paid. So I make do with what I got." {{champion:10}} "What has she been saying about me?" {{champion:44}} "Sorry, I can't break beautician client privilege. Follow me, and I'll make you look like a brand new champion." _**They follow him into another room:**_ {{champion:44}} "Alright, since you're new here I'll start with you. Stand still, let me get a good look at you. What are you looking for?" {{champion:10}} "Something practical. I need to be durable and strong enough to hunt down and punish those that break the summoner's code." {{champion:44}} "Oooh, intense. I have an idea. Let me try this." _**One styling montage later:**_ {{champion:44}} "Have a look!" _"Turns a mirror around."_ {{champion:10}} "What is this! Half my body isn't even covered by armor. Why am I wearing this skin-tight fabric? Purple, really? My color is red. Also, where the hell is my helmet?" {{champion:44}} "Red is so three seasons ago. The armor is just decorative. The skin-suit provides all the protection you'll need. It's made of an almost impenetrable material. You don't have to choose between function and form, because girl, now you have both. The helmet is unnecessary, you're an angel. Let your hair flow free." {{champion:10}} "No way, give me a helmet." {{champion:44}} "Fine, this one goes with your new outfit, but I should warn you-" {{champion:10}} "Puts it on." "What in the, I can't see anything out of this. How am I supposed to dispense indiscriminate justice if I can't see more than two feet in front of me?" {{champion:44}} "Yeah, you are going to have to take it off if you need to attack anything at range. But, it is magic, so it will appear and disappear with little more than a thought." {{champion:10}} "There was nothing wrong with my old outfit. I want it back." {{champion:25}} "Sister, sister. There was something wrong with it, you. You weren't happy, you need to change. The new you looks great, just give it a try. I know you'll love it." {{champion:10}} "Fine, I'll try. But if I don't like I am going back." {{champion:44}} "Oh, one more thing. Have you ever considered adding more wings?" {{champion:10}} "What?!" {{champion:44}} "Nothing, just a thought." {{champion:25}} "So, is it my turn?" {{champion:44}} "Yes yes, did you have anything in mind?" {{champion:25}} "Yes, I want to show more. I want to be one of the sexiest supports in the botlane. First of all, fix this skirt. Giant walking tents are out. Open it up, let me show my legs. Maybe make it longer and flowy." {{champion:44}} "Alright, I can envision it. Let me work." _**One visual update later:**_ {{champion:44}} "Hows this?" {{champion:25}} "Ooh, I could give Eve a run for her money. It's great!" {{champion:44}} "Alright, if that's all. It's been a pleasure working on you ladies. As always, talk to Fiora on the way out to take care of payment. I hope to see you both again." {{champion:25}} "We look unstoppable now. How do you feel?" {{champion:10}} "Wierd." {{champion:25}} "You'll get used to it. Well, I'm off to terrorize Demacia. you wanna come?" {{champion:10}} "What, why Demacia?" {{champion:25}} "They've had it far too good, for far too long."

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