Shaco Update/Mini Rework

**Darkness** Before I introduce my idea for a possible Shaco update or mini rework I would like to introduce the idea of a new for of crowd control. Of course, this new form of cc would play a role in the Shaco rework, but it would be unique to champions like Shaco{{champion:35}} Fiddlesticks{{champion:9}} (if he were to be reworked) and Nocture{{champion:56}} . This form of cc would be called Darkness and would work like Nocturne's ultimate but on a smaller scale. Darkness would reduce the sight radius of the effected enemy champion and remove their ally vision for a short period of time. **New Shaco** **Passive:** Now you see me, Now you don't: When Shaco disappears he leaves behind a cloud of smoke that causes enemies to be engulfed by darkness. It's All A Game: Shaco's w and e now cause targets to bleed. Bleeding targets leave behind a small trail of blood that if Shaco follows can lower the cooldown of his Q, deceive. **Q, Deceive:** Active: Shaco becomes invisible and teleports to a target location. His first attack while invisible is empowered. When Shaco teleports to a location his Now you see me, Now you don't activates. Passive: If Shaco strikes a target from behind the attack critically strikes. **W, Jack In The Box:** Shaco creates an animated Jack In The Box. When triggered it will fear and attack nearby enemies. Prioritizing champions it will cause them to bleed leaving behind a small trail of blood. **E, Two Shiv Bleed** Shaco carries two daggers. The first hit causes targets to bleed leaving behind a small trail of blood. The second hit causes the target to be slowed. (Now a skill shot). **R, Hallucinate:** Shaco vanishes briefly and reappears with a clone. When Shaco vanishes his passive Now you see me, Now you don't activates. The clone last up to !8 seconds and detonates when it dies dealing adaptive damage to nearby enemies and spawning 3 mini Jack in the boxes. The Jack in the boxes causes the enemies to bleed.
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