when is Kindred getting a new skin?

I'm sure this has been pointed out a million times but Dear Riot, Please make skins for champions that have only 1 or 2 skins, as opposed to champions that already have a thousand skins. Thank you. Signed, Someone who has been playing League since Season 2. On a less serious side note, I'm just saying I've been playing a lot of Kindred and Rek'sai lately and I'm only just now noticing that both of these champions only have two skins. ( Or, 1 skin if you don't count the skin that they were released with ) Rek'sai hasn't gotten a new skin in at least 3 Years, with the last one being a Pool Party skin. And Kindred hasn't received a new skin in 2 Years, with the last one being Super Galaxy. ( definitely not fitting for this champion even in the slightest... neither of Kindred's skins are even worth buying, in my opinion. ) Pyke was literally just released In May of 2018 and he is already getting a Blood Moon skin. Sivir is also getting another skin, even though her last skin was released in March of 2018, and she already has 9 SKINS TOTAL. ( not only that, but the last skin she was released with came with a chroma pack that has 5 different colorations. ) EDIT: Sivir has 11 SKINS, with the new Blood Moon skin included. Please show some love to Rek'sai and Kindred. <3 Kindred DEFINITELY could fall into the Blood Moon theme, and, I believe there have already been quite a few people that have made different concepts of Kindred with a Blood Moon skin.
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