Ornn slight gameplay changes. [IDEA]

I love playing, but it seems that his *skill ceiling* is quite low.   Meaning you can't really tell the difference between a good ornn player and an otp.   I propose adding some mechanics:   **Q flash**  like Swain, Braum, Maokai, Mundo etc.   **W flash**  would allow you to change the direction of the fire.   **E flash**  would make your leap more fluent if you time it right. Same as Urgot's leap.   **R flash**  Allowing you to position better for a perfect ult or making it instant so the enemy don't have time to flash away and so they don't expect it.   I understand it's not possible adding all these changes to Ornn due to balancing, but at least one or two would make him more interesting and it would raise his *skill ceiling*.   Also I don't believe adding these changes would ruin his image as an inert tank. As I mentioned other similar style champions have those mechanics. I'll name a few: Braum (Q), Cho'Gath (E), Darius (Q), Illaoi (R), Maokai (Q), Urgot (E), Poppy (Q)..

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