@Rioters You're gonna wanna read this.

So I was in the shower and I thought. IN-GAME SOCIAL THINGY You pick your favorite champion and load in. Similar to Destiny social maps. Tower, Farm, Reef, etc. A place where you can just fuckin chill with randoms or friends. Little events happening here and there. 2 million HP Baron for everyone to beat up, scuttle racing, etc Fucking shops to try on or rent skins for your champion. (Lets be real riot nobody to gonna waste a skin shard by using the rent feature) Let's say it costs... 5k blue essence to rent a skin for 3 days yeah? That seems fair. Shops to buy actual skins with riot points as well. Able to change skins in-game to show off your collection and have dress up contests. D:< You spawn in at level 6, 11 or 18 whatever I just want to be able to use every ability. DO THIS RIOT AND THANK ME LATER.

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