Champion Concept - Peil the Hextech Magician

Basic framework _Born into mage clan Possess no magical prowess Supplement hextech to imitate magic Support Spellmimic Personality: pretends to be a mage, somewhat of a prick, but less so than Ekko_ Lore is basically self writing since its the generic reject genius archetype except he's not a genius Passive - One for All Whenever Peil casts an ability, allies can click on him to gain a copy of that ability in the form of an item replacing their trinket. This effect can only apply once per ability cast. Q - Echo Dial Passive - Peil sees an image of the last ability a champion has cast above their heads. Active - Peil throws a scanner that briefly stuns the first target hit and marks all targets around it. After 0.75 seconds, the last cast ability of target closest to the center replaces this ability until cast or duration expires. Marks disappear if target leaves area before 0.75 seconds. W - Sudden Rift Peil throws a portal in target direction which then returns after reaching maximum range. The portal absorbs any ally along the path and allowing them to leave at any point during the path. The portal absorbs all projectiles in it's path but deals a portion of the damage to the inhabitants. Peil can reactivate this ability to blow up the portal causing it to deal damage in a large area increased per spell absorbed E - Lightning Pulse Passive - Wards gain additional duration and ignore the cap, wards placed by this ability can only be seen by control wards and are not disabled by them Peil places an invisible ward at target location revealing the area around it for duration based on champion level. If Peil casts this ability directly on top of a ward, lightning strikes it briefly revealing all wards around it to both teams, this effect chains to every ward in a radius. Briefly after a ward is revealed, it discharges energy dealing damage in an area around itself. Wards not placed by this ability deal less damage. R - Castform Peil targets a visible unit and gains their appearance after channeling for a duration proportional to their distance from Peil. If the units dies or sight is lost, this ability goes on a reduced cooldown. The disguise is lost if Peil casts any abilities, is within 500 units of an enemy champion/control ward. The same applies for being disguised as an enemy with the additional condition: is seen within range of an allied champion _____ The Beckoning Mists Base Concept: Two Starfish tendrils like hands are the champions and most opaque part Translucent body taking alluring appearance Siren based design - figure lures them in by taking appearance with only noticeable difference being the hands Original plan was for void based, but kit supports black isles Passive: Looming Shadows Units' vision radius is equal to or lesser than the distance to the closest hand. If both hands are within a certain distance from a champion, that champion loses allied vision. Abilities: ~~Broken Bonds Passive: The two hands are linked by a fluid spectral chain that damages and slow units touching it. Active: Strengthen the linking bonds, increasing the slow and damage for a duration, if stacked twice, the chains become moving terrain and gain increased damage radius.~~ Was meant to be a passive or ability but seems too pointless and need one more in theme Fleeting charm Hand marks all units in a cone that are facing it reducing their vision to a cone towards the hand and leashing them within 1100 units. After a brief duration, any units between 500 - 900 distance are charmed. Any affected unit that comes within 500 range loses the effect. Drain Touch Hand launches itself in target direction attaching to the first target hit dealing damage over time. The hand can be detached by recasting this ability, being cleansed, or being hit by a basic attack. Basic attack must be from an allied champion unless the target is melee. The incoming basic attack deals modified damage equal to attacker's total AD + 50% of AP to both units. Detaching before strike lands will avoid damage completely. Launch speed is quicker if hands are less than 400 units apart at cast. Enticing Hopes Passive: Cannot set off any traps or be detected by wards and gain the ability to see wards within a certain radius Active: Possess target ward or trap for percentage of its max duration. Possessed wards and traps grant vision to your team, do not activate, and do not show allies under their vision. Essentially they provide false vision of an area but are still consider enemies and can be destroyed as normal. Placeholder name: Passive: Increases health pool of each hand and adds on-hit damage Active: Switches control to other hand or consumes portion of HP to begin a channel to revive other half

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