Ali-Cara. Scholar of Blades {Champion Concept}

Lore: The Cyhara demacian noble family renown throughout for producing only the highest quality of arms and armor would suffer a familial tragedy on the final hour, of the final month of the year. With the murder of the middle child Alsien Cyhara. Whom after a brief struggle was thrown outside a window into a river. The prime suspect was never found, but a motive for theft of the Cyhara family riches was concluded, as a small portion of the family treasury was stolen at the night of the murder. Although always considered an oddball amongst other nobles for his curiosity of foreign lands, most notably alternate sword construction and use. As well as his common intermingling with the lower class. With only an average career as a demacian offer, only exceptional in the use of blades, and knowledge of them. In the end Alsien became increasingly driven into the background with more exceptional siblings, an older brother making ground as a demacian general, and a younger sister performing strides as a recruit for the Dauntless Vanguard. Alsien would spend the majority of his time after his retirement, using the money he obtained during the time, to research foreign blades, feeling that he had learnt all that was of homebrewed ones. His deviant research would turn him ostracized especially after news of his experimentation with a "hextech Gunblade" became mainstream. Despite his softening view on magical enchantments, Alsien used his new infamy to serve as an informant for Demacian law, secretly reporting spies whom tried to use him as source of information, or magi who foolishly trusted him. Increasingly bored with his life as a noble, and fearing that despite his services to Demacia he would be increasingly ostracized for his continued curiosity of non demacian culture in regards to blades. Decided to fake his own death by murder, taking upon the alias of Ali-Cara. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance/apparel Basic Idea Ali-Cara as a former demacian noble attempts to maintain his appearance, but his time in the wild has certainly caused a more rugged look. Brown hair and blue eyes, with shorter hair, a tricorne hat (what soldiers from the 17-18th century wore) and a somewhat patchy beard. Wears a white jacket, with a torn and muddy appearance near the bottom side, worn over blue tinted armor. The armor has matching greaves and gauntlets, Ali-Cara has exposed upper arms and legs. Ali-Cara has a two-handed greatsword on his back, which he would use for his abilities. With a short-sword on the hip, which would be used for basic attacks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities Basic Idea Ali-Cara would be a skirmisher with a slower more tactical approach, sacrificing raw damage and mobility, for defense and utility. Passive: Scholar's Appraisement/Noble's waste. Ali-Cara spends 10% less on every sword, or sword-like item, (So not just Long sword and Stormrazor, but also things like Hextech gunblade and daggers) With a 5% increase to every stat. Barring consumables (potions elixirs and wards) Ali-cara spends 10% more on every other item, with a 10% decrease to every stat. Q. Sidewinding Strike 15/13/11/10/8 seconds CD \ 55 mana at all ranks 460 unit range Ali-Cara dashes either left or right 350 units (depending on which side the mouse cursor is closest too) before slamming down with his greatsword. Dealing 25/50/100/125/150 physical damage with 60/80/100/125/150% AD scaling CD is halved if it hits a champion or large/epic monster. Any target hit near the end of the blade is slowed by 30% for a second, but enemies hit near the center or base are slowed by 90% decaying to 30% for three seconds. Respectable mobility tool, with 40% CDR and hitting it, it should be up every 2-3 seconds late game. A respectable slow as well. W. Parrying Strikes 10/9/8/7/6 second CD \ 140/120/100/80/60 mana Ali-Cara brings out his greatsword gaining 65 range on his auto attacks. For the next 3/4/5/6 auto attacks in the next 5 seconds he will generate two stacks of parry. Up to a maximum of five, every time an enemy champion or large monster hits Ali-Cara whilst he has a parry stack in his auto attack range. It will be nullified and they will take 2/4/6/8/10% of their current health as bonus physical damage (doubled against large monsters or ranged champions) An incredibly strong defensive tool, both for jungling and trading, but it has a very high mana cost, thusly it can't be spammed too much early on without something like the blue buff. As well as requiring some attack speed too get the most value of it. E. Spell Seal 24 second CD \ 60 mana at all ranks Ali-Cara enters a defensive stance with his greatsword for 0.7 seconds. Absorbing all abilities during that time. For Every absorbed ability Ali-Cara will gain a shield equal to 33% of the total damage taken, lasting 3/4/5/6/7 seconds Every 100 shield health will reduce Spell Seal's Cooldown by two seconds. Spell seal can be reactivated whilst the shield remains in order to burst it. Dealing 100% of the shields maximum hp (when it was formed) As well as 50/65/80/95/110 magic damage with 25/50/75/100/125% AD scaling. As well as rooting all enemies whom are with 200 units away from Ali-Cara for 1/1.25/1.50/1.75/2 seconds whilst those further away, up to 600 units away are slowed down by 80% for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds (Duration and amount scale by distance. So weakest at 600 units) Another good defensive ability that rewards proper use. Though it has a long cooldown, late game a single blocked ability should reduce it by 6-8 seconds. If you block several you can even reset it completely R. Scholar's Knowledge 95/75/55 CD \ 100 mana at all ranks Passive: Upgrade Scholar's Appraisement by 5/10/15% (So now sword items are reduced by 15/20/25% and stats gained are 10/15/20%) does not effect Noble's Waste in the slightest. Active: Ali-Cara makes a lunging stab forward up to 850 units. All enemies pierced will lose 15/25/35% of their Armor OR Magic resist (depending on what they have more of.) For 3/6/9 seconds. For every enemy champion struck Ali-Cara will gain Insight for 1/2/3 seconds. Reducing Sidewinding Strike's Cooldown by 2/4/8 seconds (Allowing it to be cast non stop, even if it doesn't hit anything at max rank for both abilities) Parrying Strikes lasts an additional 1/2/3 seconds, and no longer has a limit on auto attacks. Finally Spell Seal will uncap the attack speed limit whilst the shield remains. A primarily team fighting ultimate that deals no damage on it's own, but has a potent armor/MR piercing effect, and provides hefty buffs for his other abilities. Also serves as an emergency escape Any suggestions to improve the kit are welcome, and I hope you drop a like/dislike on the post itself and maybe give me your thoughts about it the comments below Quotes: Picked "I suppose it's time to put my knowledge to the test." Banned "This is an acceptable decision." Starting a game "I like this shop. Has quite the variety in blades." "I suppose this rift hasn't changed too much." "Wasn't I here once? When I was an officer?" Movement "A peaceful maneuver." "It's nice to enjoy the world." "Hmmm I wonder what the time is?" "I wonder how my kin feel about my actions?" "I suppose by now they've stopped caring." "Then again… that looked interesting. What was I thinking about?" "Oh probably about where to find the newest Ionian guide to bladework." "Or perhaps maybe some Noxian study on making stronger swords?" "Actually what DO noxians know about swords? They don't exactly have a complex culture." Long Movement. "On and on I go. Adventure!" " I've grown accustomed to this." "I do hope all things end well." "Curiosity never kills the cat in the end." "Unless a sharp enough sword was involved." "I wonder if being an informant was really the right choice..." "To some extent I could've been considered a hypocrite." Attacking. "I request you defend yourself." "Defend yourself." "Take caution, you face me." "Keep yourself steady, you face me." "I'm attacking you see?" Using Sidewinding Strike "Left!" (if going left.) "Ri- Nope left!" (if going left) "Right!" (if going right) "Le- No Right!" (if going Right.) Using Parrying Strikes. "I can defend and attack!" "You can't break my defense!" "Give it up, you've lost." "It's hopeless in the end. Give up!" "Try and try you won't succeed." "You simply can't beat me, quit!" Using Spell Seal. (Successfully) "No." "Nope." "My power now." "Give it up already." "Your mistake" Failing Spell Seal (I.E nothing absorbed) "Eh shit." "My mistake." "Crapbaskets." Making use of Scholar's appraisement "The true value is closer to..." "Actually chances are..." "In truth it be worth..." Making use of Noble's Waste. "I may have overpaid..." "I'm not sure if I can use this effectively." "I don't think I know of this item's history." "Do I even know what this is?" Joke "What do you mean about a sword below the belt?" Taunt "Please call again, with a team by your side."

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