What about a champion like...

Another trap oriented champion. Hear me out, okay? So like, I love setting up priority in lane or jungle or wherever, and I'll be honest the idea starts with Pinkward's support {{champion:35}}, I think a champion ENTIRELY based on setting up area of control that excessive is unique and kinda cool, I wouldn't mind it being entirely cc with no damage and making the champion a supportive type. I'm still trying to think of how the champion would best fit into a role like that, and at the same time not make the synergy with {{champion:51}} too oppressive. I picture an adorable and cowardly figure hastily putting together an 'escape route' in order to protect allies. The same figure trying to patch up friends and just avoiding conflict the best they can all together. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} I would love to hear what other players would think about this. Would it infuriate Yi and draven players? Would it become to oppressive with lane bullies of the meta like {{champion:51}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:236}} Would it even be fun to play a champion in a fighting game that's about avoiding fighting and disengaging? Would the NEED a heal to be viable, would they shield, what would they rush for items?{{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{summoner:31}} Would riot even give them counterplay? If so what would it be? I could imagine an in lane vision ward and a {{champion:555}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} shutting them down hard. What would be the best ganking options to fight that? I'm just super curious about what other players would say, but I doubt anyone is ballsy enough to think about it.

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