[Champion Concept with VO and Login Music] Gelid, The Arctic Exterminator

Hi Guys, for the past 5 or so months, I've been working on my own fanmade League champion, including login music and a voiceover! [Gelid, The Arctic Exterminator](https://api-da.wixmp.com/_api/download/file?downloadToken=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsImV4cCI6MTU0OTU0NjkyNSwiaWF0IjoxNTQ5NTI1MzE1LCJqdGkiOiI1YzViZTE0ZGI3Nzg1Iiwib2JqIjpudWxsLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdLCJwYXlsb2FkIjp7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzBjMmI5M2IzLWQzODItNDQ0Mi1hMTYyLWEyNDBiZjg3ZjAyOVwvZGN3NHF1My1iNGZhNWZlNy04MDZhLTRjMzQtYmQ0NC03OWM5ODU2MzViYmUucG5nIn19.IxVcOnMLDUKWc0518TDTKVlbXeogNuw0bLQtvxIR9k0) [The splash art was done by the amazing Yumenoki! ](https://www.instagram.com/yumenoki99/) [Here's the login screen with music made by me](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6-20fvWINw) [And here's his VO, also by me](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu3Xkx2AyxQ&feature=youtu.be) Gelid was born in Zaun to a traditional family. At least, as traditional as you can get growing up in the slums. When he was 7, he was recruited by a slew of rebellious chem-barons looking to overthrow the destructive inner workings of the society. After an invasion on Piltover from the Void, the group began to learn more about the many species that emerged from the abyss, planning to weaponize them against the districts. Gelid, on the other hand, knew their power was too great to use for themselves, and when the beasts rushed forth again, his troupe was slain. Once the others heard of his tale, he instead chose to fight with them, successfully driving them away- for now. The stories soon spread about another emerging colony of Void beasts emerging in the Freljord, and Gelid wasted no time in preparing himself for the frozen trek west. Using the frigid temperatures to his advantage, Gelid learned that there's more than one way to burn than just with fire. Gelid has since been an exterminator-for-hire, using his techniques to clean up the streets- and tundras- of any remaining Void beasts he comes across. Health: 566 (+70) Health Regen: 6.5 (+0.7) Mana: 326 (+35) Mana Regen: 8 (+0.65) Range: 150 Attack damage: 56 (+4) Attack Speed: 0.642 (+2%) Armor: 34 (+3.2) Magic Resist: 30 (+0.5) Move Speed: 335 --------------------- PASSIVE: PEST CONTROL Gelid applies a stack of PEST CONTROL to enemy champions and large and epic monsters. Upon reaching 6 stacks, nearby enemies become VERMIN- for the next 4 seconds, he gains true sight of all enemy champions near him and his basic attacks against them deal bonus magic damage. Cooldown: 18 seconds Vision range: 1250 units Magic damage: 2.5/3.75/5% of Gelid's max health ------------------- Q: CHEMICAL WARFARE ACTIVE: Gelid rolls a chemical cartridge in a line, leaving a trail of poisonous gas for 3 seconds and detonating immediately if it encounters a large or epic monster or enemy champion. If it reaches the end of the line, the cartridge instead detonates after 2 seconds or manually if reactivated. Range: 650 units Poison damage per second: 12/20/28/36/44 (+30% bonus AD) Detonation damage: 30/45/60/75/90 (+30% bonus AD) Cost: 45 mana Cooldown: 9 seconds ------------ W: FUMIGATION TOGGLE: Gelid readies his fumigator, reducing his movement speed by 30% and releasing a gaseous frost that burns enemies every .5 seconds in a cone in front of him. Can be used concurrently up to 3 seconds. Deals 50% reduced damage to minions. Static cooldown: 2 seconds Physical damage per second: 10/15/20/25/30 (+25% AD) Cooldown if fully used: 11 seconds Cost: 10/18/26/34/42 mana per second --------------- E: CAUSTICITY ACTIVE: Gelid releases a toxic cloud around him that lasts for 3 seconds, increasing his movespeed by 15% while slowing enemies by 15%. While in the cloud, his other basic abilities are modified. Casting CHEMICAL WARFARE inside the cloud causes the gas to freeze into a solid, then breaks, dealing damage. Casting FUMIGATION inside the cloud increases its total damage by 20%. Magic damage: 15/30/45/60/75 (+30% bonus AP) Cost: 80 mana Cooldown: 16 seconds ---------------- R: THE CRYOSTORM ACTIVE: Gelid unleashes his ice cannon, the Cryostorm. After a delay, he fires 3 icicle bullets in front of him. The first Each bullet pierces enemy champions, slowing them. The slows stack with each bullet and if Gelid hits the same enemy champion with all 3, he can reactivate to stun them. Channel: 1 second Delay between bullets: 1.5 seconds Total physical damage: 175/225/275(+35% bonus AD)(+30% AP) Fifth bullet slow: 15,30,45%/ 20,40,60%/ 25,50,75% Slow duration: 1/ 1.25/ 1.5 seconds Stun duration: 1.5 seconds Cost: 100 mana Cooldown: 160/145/130 seconds
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