Carmen, The Mages Heart

This is the spiritual successor to a previous post of the same name, from some time ago. I stumbled across it bookmarked on an old laptop, and was reminded of it. I've spent some time trying to salvage the better parts of his initial rough draft, and actually create something workable and fun for the rest of his kit. Also, this time the Lore will go at the bottom, not the top. **P:** _Cloak of Many Wonders_ Every 45-25 seconds, Carmen's next spell is empowered, gaining bonus effects. This cooldown is effected by CDR. **Q:** _Back Blast_ (Cooldown: 10-6 seconds) Carmen fires a line skill shot, dealing 60-160 + 25% AP Magic damage, stopping at the first champion hit. When _Back Blast_ hits a champion, it deals 60%-80% of its damage again to all enemies in a cone behind the target as well as the initial target, applying "Blow Back" to the initial target for .75 seconds. Whenever a target effected by Blow Back casts a spell, or is currently casting a spell when afflicted, their cast is interrupted and the cooldown is lost. Cloak Of Many Wonders- Passively, Cloak of Many Wonders' cooldown is reduced by .75 Seconds whenever a champion takes damage from Back Blast When empowered by Cloak of Many Wonders, Back Blast gains the following effects: * Deals an additional 1.5% max health magic damage per 100 AP * Applies "Blow Back" to all Champions hit, not just the first. Notes: * The Initial target takes both the line damage, and the cone damage, counting as two instances for the purpose of reducing CoMW's cooldown. * Blow Back is not a hard CC, but can be cleansed by effects which remove debuffs. * The cone damage is based on the first target hit, not each individual target, meaning, the bonus damage from being empowered is based on the first champion hit, not the max health of the individual targets in the cone. **W:** _Null Magic Field_ (Cooldown 18 at all ranks) Carmen creates a zone of anti-magic at his feet, which removes all buffs immediately from all enemies in the field, and persists dealing damage every second and Reducing damage dealt by all characters within the field by 6-18%. The field collapses after 4-6 seconds, or whenever Carmen leaves the field. Cloak of Many Wonders- Passively, Cloak of Many Wonders' Cooldown is reduced by .25 Seconds whenever a buff is consumed or a spell is cast within the field. When empowered by Cloak of Many Wonders, Null Magic Field gains the following effects: * Whenever Null Magic Field deals damage, it also removes all buffs from enemies within the field. * Null Magic Field may be cast on an Ally or Himself, causing it to follow them. Notes: * Has a cast time of .5 Seconds * The DoT proc of Null Magic Field triggers when first cast * Shields and damage reductions which are removed by Null magic Field are removed before the initial tick of damage is dealt * This is also the case for later ticks when using the empowered version * The "or Whenever Carmen leaves the field" requirement does not apply whilst cast on an ally **E:** Haste (14-10 seconds) Carmen enchants himself or an ally, becoming Ghosted, gaining bonus movement and attack speed, and taking 5-10% reduced damage. Haste lasts 6-12 seconds, costing additional mana each second, and ending if Carmen becomes unable to cast or can not afford its cost. Carmen's cooldowns recover at twice their normal speed while hasted. Cloak of Many Wonder- Passively, Cloak of Many Wonders' Cooldown is reduced by .75 Seconds whenever Carmen basic attacks an enemy champion or large/epic monster while hasted. When empowered by Cloak of Many Wonders, Haste gains the following effects: * The effects of Haste are doubled. Notes: * Cooldown does not begin counting until Haste ends * Honestly, I'm a bit weak on this one. I am not really sure what I want here, but I want some sort of utility here. I tihnk this is a good place holder, until I see something more interesting. **R:** _Wild Magic_ Carmen's next basic ability is free, and gains the benefits of his passive. It may be cast regardless of its current cooldown, costs 0 mana, and does not consume procs or effects which they gain the benefit of. After casting his ultimate- until leaving combat- Wild Magic's cooldown is refunded by 0/0/100% whenever Carmen kills an enemy.

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