Possible addition to Zyra passive

I think Zyra's passive could be that if she manages kills an opponent with her passive she can either: a. Revert to a targetable flower bud stage and revive after a few seconds like Anivia egg; the health she regains is a fraction (maybe 1/6) of the damage dealt to all enemy champions killed from the passive b. Grow a targetable root to the location of the dead enemy champion and rebirth there the same way as stated from part 'a', if she kills multiple champions with the passive, the root grows to where to last enemy champion killed from her passive To prevent her from being immortal, the revival part of the passive only occurs every once in a while like how Zac/Aatrox has a cooldown timer for their passive, but her original passive still procs whenever she dies Sorry for posting this in the wrong category if I did
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