Fiddlesticks, The Hollowed Harbinger: Rework Concept

-The work above is not my work, and it's not exactly the design of this champ, but it gives the idea somewhat. Fiddlesticks is a fun champ, but his kit is unable to match up to many other champs in the game, it won't really change too much, but I came up with a new idea for his passive and a little bit with his ult, along with unique minor changes with his w, and e, and a very cool change to his q, still being a point and click though. Design: I decided to make Fiddlesticks more scary, obviously. At first he was a scarecrow with a sickle, that was pretty much all there was to it. Now, the idea is a cross between a scarecrow and the mythical Wendigo in folklore, a demon with a deer skull for a head. His design will be pretty much of that, he also wields a long sickle shaped weapon that fires dark magic. Also, yes, he will freeze in place if he stands still after a few seconds, because why not its the best thing about him. Lore: On Runeterra, during the rune wars, there was given negative power to outside forces. There was fear, lust, and then there was torment. During the rune wars, mass dread flowed through Runeterra, to the point some mages were to cause rituals, thinking it would give them hope and relief, but nay. The feelings of torment, fear and doom given to said rituals made an embodiment of it. It was no he, she, or it, but a they, as multiple crows gathered in each ritual, they all flocked, fusing with runic energy, becoming a horrific being. Once it arose from the final ritual that built its presence, it caused the mages to go insane, and the insanity lead them to their deaths, which the being fed upon their doom. The mages that escaped, lived to tell the tale, knowing how horrific this entity was, they gave it a name, Fiddlesticks, for hopes to reduce their fear of the dreadful harbinger. With all that said time for the kit. Lane: Jungle Damage: Ap Role: Mage Passive: Harbinger's Hunt Fiddlesticks has a selection of what champion he will inflict with Mark of Harbinger, making them a Host of the Mark. Fiddlesticks can only have one host of the mark at a time. The mark will stay forever until the host of the mark's death, and fiddlesticks cannot swap between champs after the selection. Fiddlesticks can set the mark again on another champion 30 seconds after the host of the mark's death. Killing a marked champion will heal fiddlesticks for a percentage of his health based on level. Effects against opponent when they are marked: Fiddlesticks has 25% extra moment speed when walking toward them. Q has a 50% longer effect. W slows opponent by half their current movement speed and has auto targetting. E can home in on the target a second time after hitting them. Q - Torment Fiddlesticks unleashes a horrific cry, causing the target is inflicted by Insanity (new form of cc) for 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0 seconds The insanity debuff works like taunt and charm in some ways, it causes the target to move slowly, but instead of doing nothing, they chase down and attack their own allies, prioritizing champions. Champions inflicted by insanity cannot be harmed by their own teamates, but can still by harmed by fiddlesticks and the rest of his team like usual. W - Lifehunt Fiddlesticks drains the life over time from enemies in front of him in a cone range for 5 seconds (similar to the boundaries of his original w that people can walk out of, but larger), dealing ap damage over time and healing Fiddlesticks for 75% of the damage dealt. The cone range will be place on the ground as he is using the attack, targets that exit the cone will not be damaged. Can be recasted to cancel the effect. Those marked will be continuously drained in a circle range if around him unless they leave the outermost range. E - Left for The Carrion Fiddlesticks unleashes three crows on a target, then spread out to homing onto new nearby targets up to 5 times each, dealing ap damage and silencing what they hit. If the initial target was marked, all three Crows will strike it again as an extra hit. Crows prioritize new targets that haven't been hit yet, otherwise they will home in on nearby targets at random. Ultimate - Crowstorm Pretty much the same as the old one. He blinks to a target location after channeling, have crows swarm around him dealing ap damage over time to enemies in it. However, if recasted, Fiddlesticks can project the crow storm in a target direction, doing the same damage in the given area that it is sent over. Comment your thoughts
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