Mordekaiser Rework Concept [WIP]

Passive - Iron Bastion Any resistances Mordekaiser gains are instead added to Iron Bastion's base count. Iron Bastion blocks damage taken equal to its value and is reduced by 20% of the damage blocked capping at its base count. 25% of the damage dealt by Mordekaiser is also added to Iron Bastion. Any disables on Mordekaiser are instead converted into slows, while other crowd control effects have no effect on Mordekaiser. >Part 1 of passive just basically a shield at the cost of taking true damage all the time Eg 1k crit damage taken vs 500 Iron Bastion -> 500 damage goes through, Iron Bastion reduced to 400 Part 2 is just to feel like an iron juggernaut Q - Spades of Nightfall Mordekaiser thrusts Nightfall forward and swings it upwards behind him [EX]( readying another swing. Mordekaiser then shatters the ground ahead with Nightfall dealing heavy mixed damage and stunning those in a small radius at the strike zone. Those outside the immediate strike zone are only dealt magic damage. >Initially it was to be a low CD cast that either smashes the ground, stunning targets in a small radius if cast with ground targeting or if cast with vector targeting would swing in an arc knocking units aside and deflecting projectiles Inspiration is [DS3's FUGS moveset]( The first cast ends into a channel for the second strike W - Tomb of the Damned Part of Mordekaiser's armor flies outwards forcefully attaching to the first unit in its path. The armor slows the unit it is attached to and grants them flat damage reduction based on the skill's level if they are an ally. Mordekaiser can then recast the ability to forcefully return the armor along with its wearer and any units it collides with to Mordekaiser. If the armor's distance to Mordekaiser exceeds a certain distance, the wearer will suffer an increasing slow and damage over time. >Need to write description but generally think of the armor almost like Orianna's ball but with different distance marks. Green area to represent area casting can reach, yellow area being limit where you can still recast, red being DoT, slow and removal when passed. Probably too complex with 3 zones, so maybe just cast limit and recast limit Also think iron maiden E - Malignant Pulse Mordekaiser unleashes a wave of death marking targets struck for X seconds. If Malignant Pulse gains additional range and radius in order to reach marked targets on subsequent casts. >Creativity ran out. Probably up to 100% of initial radius and range. R - Call of the Haunted - something something claws spawn out of ground For X seconds, Mordekaiser's dominion calls forth lost souls that rise from the ground and lunge towards enemy champions. Souls that attach to champions apply a minor slow and damage over time stacking for each soul attached. Souls lunge at champions every 2/1.4/0.8 seconds, linger for 5 seconds if they miss, and travel at 250 MS. >Dunno but the current ult just seems so uninspired...point and click DoT? Really? Pantheon Rework Concept P - Broken Phalanx Allies can move along side Pantheon forming a phalanx. The phalanx moves as one to the speed of the slowest unit and splits damage taken between all members. Damage taken is reduced by the combined resistances of all members. Only damage incoming from the direction the phalanx faces is reduced and split among members. The phalanx cannot target behind them and turns at a slower rate. >Name needs work yes, I think the concept is pretty solid though, flank from behind or face a united front. Opt in via click, opt out via something, movement controlled by Pantheon while in phalanx. Q - Pulseseeker Passive - KIlling a unit or striking a champion grants Heartseeker stacking up to 5 times Active - Pantheon thrusts his spear dealing 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+ 120% bonus AD) physical damage in a small cone in front of him over 0.25 seconds While at max heartseeker stacks, Pantheon can target beyond his cone to throw his spear dealing 150% damage to the first target hit and knocking them back and applying a brief stun to units they collide with. Heartseeker - Pantheon's attacks and basic abilities critically strike all enemies below 15% (+5% per stack) maximum health >Basically combined previous Q and E parts while removing the targeted spear throw spam. Full crits on 40% HP might be a bit strong though, I don't know balance W - Aegis of Zeonia Toggle - Pantheon braces his shield blocking up to 2/3/4/5/6 attacks or abilities that would either hit him or allies within 250 units away. While Pantheon is bracing his shield, he cannot attack or use other abilities and cannot increases the number of attacks or abilities blocked. While toggled off, Pantheon regenerates blocks every 35-17 seconds. Attacks and casts reduce this amount by 1 second. >Wanted his shield to feel meaningful...spartan meaningful, initial idea was a shield shield that lost % for ability blocks but this feels better and by better I mean more op E - Swordbreaker Active - Pantheon leaps forward bashing down with his shield dealing 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+ 80% AP) magic damage. After a brief delay, he thrusts his shield up, knocking up targets in front of him for 0.75 and dealing the same damage. >SFS3 0:20, well actually I liked all the shield bashes but I wanted to have some cc tied to the shield plus it looked cool R - Grand Skyfall Active: Pantheon channels for 2 seconds before leaping into the air, becoming untargetable until he lands and stuns targets around him for 1.5 seconds. He then blinks to the target location and plummets down, striking after 2 seconds. Enemies within the impact zone take 200 / 350 / 500 (+ 50% AP) magic damage and are stunned for 1 second, increased by up to 100% based on their proximity to the epicenter. >The initial ultimate was fine but a slow didn't feel right when you have a man making a superhero landing on your face. Also when you see a man fly into the skies, you'd be in awe, hence the initial stun after he leaps.

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