Ani Hyuntikwa, The Storm Child

**Ani Hyuntikwa, The Storm Child** – He carries a long metal pole that always has lighting affects between his body and himself he swings it to attack. Imagine velkoz's damage as an assassin jungler. He wandered off during a huge storm from Nerimazeth into the desert. Basic attack – does splash damage to enemies behind the target for 1/3 the damage slowing everything by 1-4% for .75 seconds. The aoe isn’t very big but it is doubled when electrified. it is wide, about 150 degrees. Base attack is 82 – 116. Imagine the electricity kind of drifting and fading out in a swiping motion. Lots of swooshyness in this champ. 250 range and is melee. You should buy armor and MR and attack damage and boots of swiftness. Base movement speed is 325 and base attack speed is .550 + 4% Passive – Static Electricity – gain electricity for the distance you travel (includes teleports and flash and recall), increasing your ability power and range. Gain electricity every 24 -1.3 per level units traveled (it's up pretty often, especially using W). When you reach maximum electricity, you become electrified and cooldowns decrease 50% faster. You remain electrified 1.5 seconds after using an ability. Max electricity 50 + 160 per level. While electrified: +.1 AP per electricity + 10% spell vamp + 10% movement speed + 10% AD + Double slow affects. Q – Several Arc – Shock the closest (press) or a targeted (hold) enemy dealing 50-130 + (20% AP) magic damage and decreasing the targets damage and slowing them 7-20%. It doesn’t slow them much. It should be the main source of your damage and have a shortish cooldown 6 seconds flat. (I imagine the graphic swooping through the upwards and curving around and stuff not just a boring zap.) Electrified – Shock bounces to the next unshocked closest entity dealing less damage the farther it travels (85% after 100 units) +30% AD +10% more AP. W – Rolling Storm – A storm cloud forms under your feet ghosting you for 5/6/7/8/9 seconds dealing 4/6/8/10/12 physical damage per .25 seconds starting immediately (150 unit radius) to nearby enemies making them 10% more susceptible to magic damage and granting you 5-20% (+10% AP) movement speed. In general, this ability should charge your passive for assassin like movement and damage. 16 seconds flat. Electrified – Cleanse yourself and blink over a wall or a short distance before activating the ability leaving behind a targetable shadow for 1 second. increases magic penetration to 20% and AoE to 300. E – Magneticonance – Amplify your magnetic field, sensing entities anywhere directly opposite of a single barrier for 3 seconds. So basically, if someone is on the other side of a wall you see ripples on the wall that like budge out and for every entity. If two entities were standing next to each other, you couldn’t see both of them and it’s weaker the farther away from the wall they are, you couldn’t tell their exact position but you could use it to see if a camp has been cleared or not. 14 seconds flat. Electrified – Gain 5-30% damage reduction and pull all enemies towards you relative to their distance from you stunning enemies within 50 units (someone 300 units away will be 50 units away at 250 MS walking away from you after 3 seconds) for another 3 seconds. R – The Ionosphere – Become electrified instantly and passively gain 100/300/900 electricity per second for 8/10/12 seconds and gain 10% spell vamp and life steal. 180 second cooldown.

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