Mafia Braum idea

Braum is such a great champion and one of my favorite supports. The Mafia skins are my favorite skin theme's. So I thought it would be cool to combine the two. I picture Braum in a cool mafia like outfit, but his shield will be a safe door. Passive: Instead of the goat stacks, he would have a bag of money. Q Winters Bite: Instead of the huge snowball, he uses a bag of money. W Stand Behind Me: He dashes to them and a grey shield is under them. E Unbreakable: Instead of the icy pillar, why not a a icy grey. R Glacial Fissure: Instead of the pillars of ice, rock pillars with money flying out. This idea was taken by an artist who drew this idea. It was cool so i decided to post it. I think this will be a great skin idea. Please comment if you think so and answer the poll.
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