New solo queue ranked mode?

I don't know how easy or difficult it would be to create something like this, but what if.... we had a ranked solo queue mode (not solo/duo) where individual stats are taken and then matched with other players that have similar stats. I am not talking about APM (actions per minute), how many times you ping, or even how many times you chat. I am talking about kill participation, kill participation around the map, KDA - more assists and kills with less deaths, if you lost the game how many deaths did you have/were you the problem, ward control i.e. placing wards in dark areas on enemy side and clearing wards, damage or assists to towers, inhibitors AND the nexus etc. etc. etc. now you might be thinking: well that's just stupid people will just play to boost their stats D:< **Here is my philosophy** 1. riot has even said themselves, farm more and die less. 2. if we had an incentive to ward, farm better, die less, help [the team] around the map, wouldn't the game become more team oriented like riot has always wanted? 3. if you think about it, boosting these stats might actually make for more consistent all around games which could potentially take care of the trolls and reward those who try - something that has been an... issue... lately... (: 4. even if someone did play for their stats, they are actively thinking about their play style thus influencing individual improvement. It is easy to get wrapped up in who fed {{champion:91}} and who stole that kill, but if you have an overpowering incentive to keep playing for yourself then there would be less rage and reports. It is possible that this could could make for happier summoners which could very well increase the quality of the game. I would really like to reach out and ask if other people would enjoy playing this _new_ ranking system and what your thoughts are on it. I would also like to know if this is in riot's abilities to even create something like this. Thank you for reading! I am going to add a poll and if you feel strong enough against or for this please comment as well as poll-ing xD.
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