New Ornn Skins Concept

Hello Ornn has only 1 skin and is already 1.5 years old so it would be useful for him new .. I think ... I have ideas like this: - Ornn with percussion plates, this is what I associate with when attacking from the attack of the basic opponent with the effect of W, it would be cool such a sound when it hits them with an opponent - Corporate Ornn (This skin would be good at Prima Aprillis) What would the skills look like: Passive: Instead of forging items Ornn, Korpo uses his big-sized phone and orders items. These can be dropped by a helicopter or (modern) by a drone. Q: Instead of creating a magma pillar on the SR, there appears a heap of paperwork that lies in a huge basket with the signature "to do". W: Ornn starts screaming and using obscene words (of course in the censored form "! #! $ @! 1 !!"). E: The only thing that could be added to it, after hitting Q, papers could float everywhere. R: Instead of this huge goat (well, "fire elemental") Ornn from Korpo summons a white board on wheels (picture below), on which some reports are drawn. After rebounding in the opponents, Ornn might have shouted something like "YOU ARE FIRED". Thanks for reading it, what do you think?
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