The Mischievous Adventures part 398

(Day 6) {{champion:113}}: "Dang, can't believe that tomorrow's your last day." {{champion:245}}: "Yeah, days go by fast huh? But I'm glad I had fun, and thanks you-" {{champion:99}}: "Ah ah ah, save it for tomorrow Ekko." *Packs up a box* {{champion:245}}: "Um, why?" {{champion:81}}: "Ekko, don't get her emotional now." {{champion:245}}: "Oh, right." {{champion:236}}: "Also thank you all for helping us pack. You really didn't need to." {{champion:163}}: "It's quite all right, we do anything for Ekko." {{champion:76}}: "Aww that's cute....Say you're Taliyah right?" {{champion:163}}: "Correct." {{champion:236}} {{champion:76}}: *Grin* {{champion:245}}: "Mom, Dad, don't." {{champion:236}}: "You know Ekko I could call Thresh up here, give a tip or two." {{champion:163}}: "What is your father talking about?" {{champion:245}}: "Nothing! Nothing at all!" {{champion:76}}: "You sure? Or do you want us to help?" {{champion:245}}: "Um...Um..." {{champion:1}}: "Hey Ekko, this thing is heavy." {{champion:32}}: "Yeah, can you come over and help us?" {{champion:245}}: "Thank you Amumu and Annie, I'll be right there! Anyway see you." *Goes to help Amumu and Annie.* {{champion:163}}: "...If I may ask, does he have a..." {{champion:236}} {{champion:76}}: "...." {{champion:76}}: "Let's just say it's a surprise." {{champion:163}}: "...Oh, ok then."

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