Skin Ideas

Just a list of skins. Jade dragon shyvana. Dragon blood Aatrox. Dragon trainer Corki. Dragon slayer Irelia. Dragon slayer Draven. Dragon Knight Garen. Dragon slayer Trundle (his club is a dragon bone his W is scorched ground and his e is a mini volcano) Gladiator Garen. Gladiator Darius. Gunpowder Gragas. Gladiator Pantheon. Gladiator Riven. Gladiator Fiora. Grand master Lee sin (he has a straw hat and and long beard with a gourd on his back based of kung fu masters) Void Evelynn (her spikes are tentacles) Witch doctor Karthus. Gladiator Talon. Gladiator Tryndamere. Atlantian Vel'koz. Arcade Ahri. Battle boss Draven. Battle boss Darius. Battle boss Shaco. Knockout Vi (boxing skin) Outback Gnar. Firestone Lissandra. Lightning Brand (all his effects would be lightning based) Baker Pantheon (his spear would be a baguette and his shield would be a cookie) Special forces Graves. Arctic ops Ashe. Builder Braum (his shield is a brick wall) Phosphorus Ziggs (all his bombs leave a smoke trail)

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