An idea for a super tank champion

Hi. I want to share an idea I have about a super tank champion who gets bonus health from building armor and magic resist and also gains bonus armor and magic resist from bonus health he buys. They would not stack off of each other. This champion wouldn't have a lot of damage(versus champions) and would not be able to kill anybody in a 1v1 but would have a fairly decent amount of small CC(lasting 0.5 seconds or less) in the form of knock backs which would make ignoring them annoying. Wouldn't be an initiator tank champion but more of a disruptor in a fight. Mobility would be fairly low. How would this champion work and not just be out right ignored because they don't do much damage? Besides the CC they can constantly apply to be as annoying and disruptive as possible, you're playing a beefy champion who can take all the hits, what more can we ask for? This champion would not have healing or sustain in their kit. Their damage will be less than a full tank {{champion:101}}. Bonus damage to minions or monsters would be the only thing this champion could potentially use. Example ability ideas I had for this champion's passive, Q, W, E, and R: Passive: Bonus armor and magic resist gives you bonus health and bonus health(not from passive) gives you bonus armor and magic resist(they do not scale off each other). Armor and magic resist shreds won't make you lose hp while they're applied(except for Mordekaiser R). Q: Think of Volibear's E but without the slow and the knock back duration being less than his. Would be on a low CD. W: A passive in where after using an ability their next auto attack will stun an enemy for about 0.2 seconds or something. E: A low range ability similar to Zigg's W but with less range, damage, and it doesn't knock up this champion to be used as an escape tool. R: Increase in size by quite a bit(50% or more) for a duration. While this is active their auto attack range increases, ability ranges increase to fit their larger size(but not their durations except for their W which will make the stun last slightly longer). My thoughts are for a mega tank champion with constant CC but really low damage to champions. I want to try a champion like this but other champions who are really tanky with lots of CC either do too much damage or have long CDs where they're just standing around doing nothing but auto attacking.
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