League Of Legends CARD GAME: Updated! (new rules, graphics, etc... all inside!)

Hello there, please take some time to read this stuff, this will be long. This post is about a possible League of Legends Card game i came up with. Please keep in midn that this is a work in progress and anything can change. I will divide all of this in sections to be more clear: Let's go! [Cards explained](http://imgur.com/a/40QG6) [CHAMPIONS CARDS](http://imgur.com/a/0g8jr) [ACTION CARDS](http://imgur.com/a/BmSeN) [UNIT CARDS](http://imgur.com/a/uRiDi) [REGION CARDS](http://imgur.com/a/VLDGP) [PLAYFIELD SCHEME](http://imgur.com/a/6hnBQ) **SECTION 1: Basic concept** The game would be obviously a strategic card game, and would also have the purpose to get deeper into the lore and universe of LoL thanks to the infinite amounts of cards that you can have based on the world of Runeterra. The goal is to partially translate what we play in game into a card game, but also add something new. That basically means that we will find cards that you are familiar with (Ex. champions, items, monsters etc..) but also new faces, for example we could have some units cards based on a shuriman merchant, or a noxian warrior and so on. **SECTION 2: Basic rules and playfield** The goal of the game is very simple: Destroy all of the enemy champions. The deck should be around 40 cards. Both players start with 10 Mana and 5 cards in hand. You consume mana to do various actions. You regenerate 5 Mana at the start of your turn. You can have up to a maximum of 15 mana, unless specific conditions change this rule. On your side of the playfield you will have: Up to 6 horizontal spots where you can place your Unit cards, behind those you have your 3 horizontal champions spots, where you place 3 champions card, that are of your choosing and are "separated from the deck". They are still part of it, but you just place all of them there at the start of the game. Champions are really important and are at the core of the game. On a side of the battlefield you can also put 2 other benched champions that you can swap with your active champions (more on that later). At the center of the playfield we have the neutral zone: This is composed by 2 spots and here you have the jungle monsters cards. So at the start of the game 2 jungle monster cards will be placed here, from a "special deck" full of jungle monsters card. Both players can play to defeat the jungle monsters and if you kill it, you gain something (Based on the card). After a monster dies you discard it, to reveal the jungle card below. There are some restirctions tho. It will be common for example to find Wolves and Razorbeaks cards, much more uncommon the Rift Herald or elemental drakes cards, and very rarely you'll find the Baron Nashor Card. As you can imagine it will be much harder to kill the Baron Card, as you will probably take considerable damage doing so, but the reward will be greater as well. Another slot that we can find in the neutral zone is the Region card slot. Here any of the 2 players can put a region card, if they have it in their hand. A region card is based on the places of the LoL lore (ex: the Demacian halls of valor) and have a persisting effect that is valid for both players. If a player play another region card in that slot, the old one is destroyed and no longer active. **SECTION 3: Champions cards.** So look the the Kindred card i created up here while you read this part (really it took me some time do do that thing :D). The champions are at the core of the game. You start with your 3 champions, and you can have up to 2 benched champions. All the champions have Health, a passive ability, 2 active abilities that consume mana, an ultimate ability and stats. So let's start with the passive: The passive ability says something that you can do during your turn (sometimes the enemy turn as well), and has no cost. It's soemthing peculiar to that champion so 2 champions cards will never have the same passive. Same thing for the abilities, they can be offensive or defensive abilities, but you can only use 1 of them per champion each turn. All ultimates abilities of all champs cost 5 mana and all ultimates abilities have a 3 of your turns as recharge time as well. Now the stats: All champions have variable stats that can be also be modified by other cards. In this case our Yasuo has 4 AD (attack damage) 1 AP (ability power) 2 AR (armor) and 7 MS (Movement speed) AD is what you use to do a basic attack: A basic attack is an attack that consume no mana, unlike abilities, but has no secondary effect. AP is what many champions use to supplement the effectivness of their abilities. RE is used to mitigate incoming damage. It mitigates any form of incoming damage unless it's true damage. Movement speed is used for some other purposes (ex. in conjunction with items, abilities etc..). **Section 4: Your turn** At the start of your turn you pick the first card from your deck. The amount of actions you can do on your turn is limited only by your mana. If your mana reaches 0 you won't be able to do much (You can always do basic attacks or play some no cost cards). So all the mana costs of the cards you play draw all from your same mana pool. You can play a variety of cards (more on that later) and if you want you can attack the enemy units or champions or jungle monsters. You can also swap a benched champion with one of your active champions but that cost 5 mana. Simple right?! **Section 5: Other Card Types:** - Units Cards: You can have up to 6 units cards active. These cards are like "mini-champions" and add variety to the battlefield. They are weaker then champions, cost mana to be played, have no ultimate, they also have only 2 stats: AD and HP. They can however have passive abilities or special effects. For example a Shuriman Merchant unit can have low health and stats, but be useful for his special effect: Enemy item cards costs 2 more mana to be played. - Action card: These are cards that have an immediate effect on the game then are destroyed. Example: Ignite: Deal 3 true damage to an enemy champion . - Region cards: When you play these cards you place them on the Region Card slot in the neutral zone (near the jungle monsters basically). It's neutral because it adds an effect valid for both players and is persistent until destroyed. These are places of runeterra. Example: Demacian Halls of Valor: Whenever a demacian units or champion dies, all other demacian units and champions gets +2 HP. - Item cards: All the champions can be equipped with max 2 items. The items take insipiration from the real items in game and beyond. They cost mana to be played and you assign them to one of your champions gaining benefits. **Section 6: COMBAT:** If you decide to engage in combat with the enemy it works like this: Unless special conditions says differently, All the units and champions counterattack when damaged. You can attack the same target with multiple cards, but the target will counterattack everyone of the attacking units and champ for damage equal to his AD (unless specific cards chang this rule). I'm still working on some details for the combat system, but this is the core of it. **Section 7: Buffs and negative effects:** I was currently planning to have the following buffs and debuff during the game, and on the cards: Benefits: Regen: the allied card with this condition recover X HP each turn Shield: The allied card gain +X RE for a limited amount of time Taunt: Allied card with this conditions forces enemies to attack him, could be temporary or permanent Swift: Allied card with this condition can attack or do actions on the same turn it enters the play Lifesteal: The card heals X HP everytime it uses a basic attack Critical strike: The card has a 50% chance to do +3 damage on basic attacks. Safeguard: the card take the damage directed to another allied unit or champ (1 time use only) Negative: Poison: Target takes X True Damage each turn Stun: Target cannot use abilities or basic attack for X amount of time (can still swap for the bench tho) Rooted: Target cannot increase its MS Blind: Target cannot do basic attack for X amount of time Wounded: Target has all of its heals and HP gains reduced by 50% Silence: Target cannot use abilities, passive or special effects for X amount of time. Also a little bit of clarifications on some terms: Heals: When we use the word heal it means the target gets healed for X HP but he cannot GO OVER its maximum HP. Instead when we say the card GAINS HP it can go over its maximum HP. **Section 8: Additional Informations** Jungle monsters do not regenerate health. If you attack a jungle monster card and leave it at low health, the enemy can attack it as well on the next turn stealing the benefit from you. If you have no more cards to pick from your deck you still continue to play normally. The game ends only when the champions of one players are all dead. Swapping a benched champion for an active champion won't heal the active champ from the damage he took (unless special cards says so). But a banched champion that gets swapped for an active one, become active and can do action in the same turn. **Section 9: What i need** I am currently dearching for Artists that have a passione for the game and in general for the lore, art style, and universe of LoL, and want to try test their skills by creating the illustrations for the cards. I currently have 2 people helping me here, but i need more. PM me if interested. **Section 7 Conclusions:** This game in my mind would prove extremely strategic, taking concepts from the real game and adding some new stuff as well. just like in Summoners rift you can build your deck based on what composition you want to run, each champion combination will have different results. For example Ivern could have a passive that says:" Ivern can free 1 jungle monster card (exept drakes, Herlad and baron) instead of attacking it. Ivern will deal 2 DMG to himself and consume 1 of your mana doing so" that can completely change the way you appreach the jungle monster cards in the game. Or then you could have an all AD team, with many items focusing on increasing their AD, or a balanced composition with mages, tanks and ad, just like the regular game. The units are what we can use to go deeper into the lore of runeterra since they are mostly just creatures that live in it. But we can also have items that spawn units, or champions abilities that spawn units (malzahar voidlings, Illaoi tentacles, TIBBERS!) and so on. The possibilities are endless and i will try to create more cards if you want to have a clearer idea. Thank you for your time, please tell me what you think of it.
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