Ideas for 3 champs.

First up. I am going to post champ ideas what I have already posted on eune boards. There are 3 of them. But I won't put all three of them in one topic. There are some rules: **_Number 1: _** Say your opinion like a gentleman, not like a douchebag. You can say "I don't like it" in a civilized way too. **_Number 2:_** English fails can occur. Not everybody speaks english as their motherlanguage muricans. **_Number 3:_** Ye I suck at giving names. So I don't need anybody to mention it. **_Number 4:_** Ye I suck at writign stories too. Okay so I will start up with Eleman, the master of lighting. (See that's a creative name. Wow so much creativity.) **Role:** AP mid laner. He would have a staff shooting out electic waves. Would wear a black top hat, a golden yellow outfit with black cape. **Story:** Ionia, a mystical place with magic and spiritual powers and with danger. Sodpaz, a bird with magical, electrical powers was also a threat. He lived in a mountain and waited for fools who tried to kill him. Mages and warriors tried to kill the bird. However everyone ended up as luch. But there was one person who studied meditation and magic carefully. People thought if there is somebody who can take this beast down, then it has to be this person whose name was Eleman. Once he went up to the mountain and with his magic he was able to defeat the giant bird. People celebrated him as the hero of Ionia. And Eleman went on a journey to restore peace and balance. **_Abilities:_** **Passive:** Fast as light: Eleman converts 6% of his ability power to moving speed. Base moving speed: 330. **Q:** Electric wave: Eleman starts a wave of lightning which damages everything on his path. Note that this does not damage everybody at the same time in the line. So when Eleman starts this wave only people at the beggining of the line gets damaged. (It would move like the pokémon move named Shock Wave's animation in 3rd gen.) Damage: 70/110/160/200/240 + 50% of Eleman's AP. **W:** Electric field: Eleman plants a field on himself or on an ally increasin his/her magic resistance and armor. After the field's duration the field explodes and shoots out 3 shock waves in north, east, south, west direction. The spell can be reactivated to explode the field earlier. Damage: 50/80/120/170/230 + 60% of Eleman's AP **E:** Electric crash: Eleman immideatly runs up to an enemy as a lighting ball and crashes into him/her. The spell is targeted. The duration of travel if Eleman and his opponent are in the range of the attack but they are at maximum distance: 1 second. Damage: 70/100/150/210/280 + 50 % of Eleman's ap **R:** Lightning Ball: Eleman throws a ball to an area which will deal damage to everybody and will stun them. After that four balls come out also dealing damage. The split of the big one. They split to north, east, south and west. Damage of the big ball: 300/400/500 + 45% of Eleman's ap. Small balls: 300/400/500 + 40% of Eleman's ap. **Speech:** _Upon selection:_ Something shocking will hit them. _Upon starting a game:_ I am fighting for peace and balance, and you send me to war? Seems like there is no time to listen to my principles. _Moving:_ Wherever I need to be. Maybe that is the place where I can find peace. I am already going. If that's where I need to go. Every step will get us closer to victroy. Not even a wrong step. Ready for the journey? I think this will be a long path. For Ionia. If we came this far, let's not give up. _Attacking:_ Sometimes peace and balance needs blood. Now I will prove that I am not a coward. Beg for mercy peasant! Their death is necessary for my quest. I don't really like war. Those fools don't understand what kind of power I have. For Ionia! If those no good fools die there will be less people in war. Want to feel something shocking? _Death:_ Ugh... I failed. The victim of the... war. _Backing:_ Going back, to refresh my mind. _Using electric wave:_ Shocking. High voltage! _Using electric field:_ I won't die today. Protected. _Buying {{item:3158}}:_ Ionia, my home. _Buying {{item:3087}}:_ I don't even need this. But I like what it does. _Joking:_ Warning! High voltage area! I have shocking news for you. Bigger than the 220. _Taunting:_ Let's see if you would like some of this shocking thing. Electricity has balance. It will split up equally in your body. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:22}}:_ So you want peace too lady? Then negotiate with your sisters. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:53}}:_ Now you're something. What a shame you have to war. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:268}}:_ I think the sands call for a ruler who can rule without war. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:201}}:_ What a good man at soul. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:122}}:_ Filthy warlord. One day that axe will end up in your head, fool! _Taunting an enemy{{champion:119}}:_ Ye that's right it isn't Draven, It's looooooooooooooooser. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:114}}:_ Don't play with sharp knives. You can't win a duel with them. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:86}}:_ Ioniaaaaaaaaaaaaa. One day you will accidently cut your head of if you don't put that sword down! _Taunting an enemy {{champion:39}}:_ Calm down Irelia. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:59}}:_ Put that crown down. You are only a prince. You will never be a king if you die in war. _Upon taunting an enemy {{champion:133}}:_ Fly to peace land. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:102}}:_ A flying dragon is nothing when there is a storm full of lightnings. _Taunting an enemy {{champion:50}}:_ Those birds will be my lunch. Your tactics will fail. _Hitting an enemy {{champion:101}} with lightning bolt:_ There is your lightning bolt. Happy now? **Friends:** {{champion:43}}, {{champion:11}}, {{champion:16}} **Enemies:** Everybody who is at war. Except: Ionian champs. If you don't like it enjoy some shrek shoes as compensation.
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