Arashiiko's Champion Design Concept Thread!

Here is where I'm going to post my own Champion design concepts! This will include lore, short stories, champion designs, artwork, etc. Once I get around to the artwork I'll start posting them, but this is what I have for now. :) ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ Ghost ADC: Base Design: Completely cloaked. Lilac skin/the color of someone who suffocated. Her eye sockets and mouth are completely dark purple and covered in mist. -Passive Ghost Arrows: First shot after being unseen deals bonus dmg. Also each soul gives bonus AD, when ult is used it drains all souls. -Q: Fires a spectral arrow. Should this kill a minion, adds 1 soul. Champions add 5. -W: Disappear into the mist, becoming untargetable. After leaving procs passive. They can still see you moving you’re just untargetable -E: Enter the nether, dashing through a wall or minion and healing slightly. If dashing through a minion or champion, leech a small amount of health. -R: Unleash the souls of the damned, chasing down enemies in a burst damage with spectres of the fallen. Slows and deals more damage for each soul, to a max of 20 souls. ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ Sakura Samurai ADC: Basic design; Wearing kimono, sword obviously. Sword on auto attack sends out sakura blossoms to attack long range. Possibly related to yasuo? Sent from his village to find and kill him? Perhaps his master was her father? Not sure about Yasuo's lore enough. Passive: Auto attacks on minions cause her lantern to light, and at max stacks (10) her next auto or Q will deal additional damage. Q: Firefly Glow - Shoots out orbs of light (fireflies) from the lantern on her belt that surges towards enemies, dealing damage. W: Light of the Moon - Calls upon the light of the new moon, surging down a beam of light that slows all enemies within it for x seconds and grants movement speed to allies, as well as a small amount of damage/healing for enemies and allies respectively. E: Dance of Petals - Petals surge around the ADC, protecting them from attacks but preventing them from attacking for 2.5 seconds. R: Bloodmoon - The light of the moon turns red, boosting the attack speed and AP/AD of all allies globally. ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ Water ADC: Base Design: Scaly; possibly matches Nami aesthetic? Auto attacks with water from his hands, possibly shuriken? Passive: Dive: When in bodies of water or paths of water created by his W or Ult he gains movement speed and attack speed. Q: Water Blade: Sends a huge spinning blade of water in an arc towards his enemies. Has a curve to its pathing so it can possibly go around minions? Skillshot. W: Swarm of the Sea: Waves of water crash over the target area in a straight line, dealing damage and slightly washing enemies backwards. Similar to Thresh flay in mechanics, but only goes in one direction. Leaves a Water Path for 10 seconds. E: Mark of the Mist: Marks an enemy nearby, causing them to take increased damage from auto attacks. If another enemy is in range when the afflicted target is attacked by water blade or the effect wears off, the mark will instead explode and spread to all nearby enemies while refreshing its cooldown on the original target. R: Dark Depths: Creates a swirling vortex of water that spirals outwards in a circle, knocking back enemies and slowing them significantly. If they have recently been affected by his E, they are stunned as well. Creates a path of water. ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ ~~___________________________________________________________________~~

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