Relic Shield Redesign

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Aspire: While out of combat regenerate a shield at a rate of (10% max shield) per second up to (5% base health) + (15 HP * (charges consumed)). Mechanics: The shield will be stronger the more the support uses the Spoil of War Passive. While the terminology may seem be slightly misleading the shield is maxed at 5% base health + 45 health if the support has no stacks of spoils of war. It will automatically consume the shield when generating a stack of spoils of war, so its important to use up the stacks as often as possible. This will benefit tank supports in lane, but it may not be as useful outside of lane. I personally believe relic shield is the weakest support item, so this could potentially ramp it up. I also think removing the heal minion execution would be okay if we replace it with this passive because the heal is insignificant. Leona Base Health (576.16) (lvl 1) + (87 per level) Aspire Passive: (28 + (4.3*lvl) ( (5% passive) + (15 * (0)) = 28 health shield Aspire Passive: (28 + (4.3*lvl) (5% passive) + (15 * (1)) = 43 health shield Aspire Passive: (28 + (4.3*lvl) (5% passive) + (15 * (2)) = 58 health shield (Relic Shield) Aspire Passive: (28 + (4.3*lvl) (5% passive) + (15 * (3)) = 73 health shield (Targon's Brace) lvl 1 (max shield) = 58 lvl 18 (max shield) = 148 Note: The shield is depreciating, if you are at max shield strength, but you generate a spoil of war stack a portion of the shield will be consumed until you use that spoil of war stack.

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