[Champion Concept] Amoy, The Blood of Kumungu

Amoy is an adc/top focusing utility and bleeds. I picture her as a jungle troll. Range: 500 ; Weapons: Unlimited Throwing Knives _**Passive: Jungle Tactics ->**_ Attacks made from brush cause enemies to bleed an additional X% (based on rank) of damage done from your auto attacks over 6s. You also cannot be affected by traps while in brush (you walk over them, you don't trigger or remove them). _**Q: Knife Dance ->**_ You move while throwing five knives in sequence (movement and abilitiy overall very similar to Taliyah's Q), with each throw being thrown more rapidly in succession. The first four knives sequentially get weaker (based of AD) followed by a much stronger fifth knife (all are based off AD, ratios for each hit are different). _**W: Parting Gift ->**_ You briefly windup (0.5) and root yourself. You may then cast a medium-long range vector cast to send out a weighted knife that pushes the first enemy hit to the extreme of the vector's path, doing more %AD damage the farther the struck enemy is carried. _**E: Wall Run ->**_ You leverage a nearby wall to move quickly for Xs (based on rank) and take reduced damage (% based on rank).Performing an auto attack from wall after running for at least 1s disengages you from the wall and stuns a target for 1s. On a medium long cooldown decreased by landing bleed dots from brush. _**R: Blind Fury ->**_ You fix your gaze upon a champion, singling them out. Both you and your target's fog of war close in around you (it's like you're in Graves smokescreen), but each of you are granted true sight of the other. Your opponent is taunted by you for Xs (based on rank & AD) and you gain X movement speed (based on rank) when moving toward your target. Your auto-attacks also apply an enhanced bleed effect for 100% of your auto damage over 3s even when not in a bush. Comment or not!
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