[Champion Concept] Umbree, The Keeper of the Queen Bees

Umbree (Oom-bree) is the daughter of a Demacian beekeeper. She grew up playing with the bees her family kept. Everyday, Umbree would watch with adoration as the bees flew out of their hives to go pollenate flowers all over Demacia. After Umbree's father died, she was entrusted to run the hives because she knew it better than anyone else. At age 12 Umbree inherited her father's beekeeping business, and with the help of her mother and 3 brothers became the largest producer of honey and flowers in Demacia. Umbree's dedication to the bees allowed her to establish a relationship with many of them in which Umbree herself was treated as though she were the queen bee. The reasoning behind Umbree's connection with the bees is that her ancestors were Vastayan, part bee part human. The bee-like traits have been diluted throughout her family tree, but everyone in her family does have wings. Umbree is an enchanter most likely found as a support. Her abilities reflect those of bees: stinging enemies, making honey used to heal allies, and reinforcing the concept of teamwork bees display. Stats: Health- 478 (+98 per level) Health Regen- 8.1 (+1.1 per level) Mana- 322(+31.2 per level) Mana Regen- 13.4 (+0.6 per level) Attack Damage- 52.7 (+2.3 per level) Attack Speed- 0.69 (+2.1% per level) Armor- 25 (+3.1 per level) Magic Resist- 29 (+0.9 per level) Movement Speed- 335 Range- 425 Abilities: > Passive- "Swarm" Umbree and her allies gain attack speed, health regeneration, and movement speed when moving toward or attacking the same enemy as Umbree. The more allies attacking the enemy the more significant the boosts. If an enemy kills Umbree, they are poisoned and marked for 10 seconds. Allies gain True Sight of marked enemies and increased attack damage against marked enemies. > Q- "Wasp's Spear" (Cooldown: 7.6/6.9/6.2/5.5/5 seconds) (Cost: 35 Mana) (Range: 350) Umbree shoots a stinger in a line, dealing magic damage and poisoning enemies. > W- "Pollenate" (Cooldown: 25/20/16) (Cost: 25/30/35/40/50 Mana) (Range: 500) Passive: Umbree gains 1 stack every time she uses an ability. She can gain up to 8 stacks at one time. Umbree targets an ungrown jungle plant and decreases its cooldown, making it usable. Active: Umbree gains movement speed for the duration of "Pollenate". If Umbree passes through brush, it is thickened so that enemies or enemy wards within the brush cannot see outside of it for the duration of "Pollenate". Umbree gains 1/2/3 bees. > E- "Queen's Wraith" (Cooldown: 12 seconds) (Cost: 80 Mana) (Range: 875) Passive: Umbree increases her maximum amount of bee companions as "Queen's Wraith" is upgraded. Active: Umbree sends her bees to an enemy, dealing magic damage and bonus true damage for each bee. The target is also stunned for 0.25 seconds per bee. > R- "Hive Harvest" (Cooldown: 60/50/45 seconds) (Cost: 125 Mana) (Range: 230) Passive: Umbree gains 1/2/3 bees per hive. Active: Umbree attaches a beehive to a turret or a wall that produces honey. Allies can click on hives to gain a maximum of 50/65/85% health and 25/35/50% mana. Hives last for 4 minutes or until destroyed (if a hive is attached to a turret, the hive is destroyed when the turret is destroyed). If a hive is destroyed it splatters honey at the attacker, slowing them down by 40/60/75% of their movement speed for 3 seconds.
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