Reimagination: Thresh ( Fighter, Vanguard. )

Passive: Damnation ( Remains the same. ) Q: Death Sentence Thresh throws out his scythe, stunning and pulling the enemy for 1.75 seconds, dealing 80 - 240 ( +30% AP ) magic damage. This can be recasted to dash towards the enemy unit. If the enemy champion is below 30% health, Thresh will rip the scythe through the enemy champion on recast, slowing by 99% for 1 second and bleeding them for 80 - 240 ( +25% AP ) 2 seconds. W: Dark Passage ~~An ally can grab the lantern to be shielded and dash towards Thresh.~~ The first enemy champion to come near the lantern is _banished_, dashes to and becomes anchored to Thresh for 1.5 seconds. Afterwards, the enemy champion is placed 20 units in front of Thresh. Thresh gains a 60 - 220 ( + 5 per soul ) shield for 1 second. If no enemy champion comes into contact with the lantern, the mana cost is refunded but the cooldown is increased by 5 seconds. _Banishment:_ The enemy is untargetable, rooted, silenced and disarmed as well as only visible to the anchorer. E: Flay ( Remains the same. ) R: The Box Passive: The enemy last hit with _Death Sentence_ cannot break the walls and is knocked down and dealt triple the damage if they try to dash through. However if the enemy dashes, the box is destroyed.

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