Passive idea that could be put into someone's kit...

Passive: Four stages, first stage is when you're full hp or just 75% on HP and you have your normal abilities . Stage two , happens when you're 50% ON HP and you get bonus damage (somewhat slight) and one new ability that's unique to that stage on your W.Stage three is when you're 25% on HP and the additional bonus damage you get is increased by a certain amount and you GET A NEW ABILITY (OMG) but its on your E. Fourth stage is ... well u may be thinking ''hey'' wouldn't you be dead at 0% hp ... ish because the passive would give you a bonus 70HP that is only when the rest of your HP is down and it gives you alot of bonus damage and a new ability.... that's my idea I know its pretty bad but I just wanted to get it out there *the different stages would be indicated on your heath bar*
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