Omega Squad [Back-up Concept]

Omega Squads first team did not do it all on their own. They had back-up! Or at least that is what I would like to one day see. I came up with concepts for 5 more yordle squad mates and want to see if anyone else has considered this before to? IF you think of something post it! Gnar: "The young recruit was excitedly volunteered for the super yordle program. They made him stronger, faster, and healthier with only a minimal loss of other functions..." Essentially he is the Bandle city version of Capt. America. They give him a cool energy shield that he throws and it returns to him. He moves swift and elegant and looks part of a super soldier BUT when he goes mega hi shield looks damaged and sparks, his super suit is torn and mangled. his Q is supper form would be the shield but its creating a larger forcefield like bubble and no longer returns. The rest of his powers would look the same. (Super Soldier) Corki: "The Ace pilot was famous for completing multiple impossible air strikes. It was a dark day for Omega Squad when he went missing somewhere over enemy skies." Corki in a Stealth Jet! The missiles would be darker and sleak. The phosphorus bomb would be a different looking missile from below the ship instead of arcing over. (Ace Pilot) Lulu: "Doc. Lulu specialized in drone technology and was last seen working on a adding a shrink ray to her prized P.I.X. drone. It remains in her office floating circles as if searching for something." So, Pix is a drone now. He and lulu shoot a red laser. Nano bots float around allies when they are sped up. A Shrink ray makes enemies smaller instead of into animals. The drone can activate a personnel shield temporarily or activate a searchlight on enemies. A blue "shrink ray" reverse the process and makes a giant temporarily blue energy slowing enemies in the aura before a red ray normalizes ally. (Drone Pilot) Heimerdinger: "Nobody as better at running the missions' intelligence then Heimerdinger at HQ. His defenses were unbeatable . . . until they were" His Turrets look more military sentry turret with a red guidance laser and gatling gun design. White Flash bang for his stun grenade and Black sleek missiles like those fired by the Corki design. Amumu: "Private Amumu was not cut out for war. He did as much damage to himself as he did to the enemy - constantly rapped in bandages. Had to keep reminding him to throw the tear gas not hold it!" I had a goofy idea he was that not so good kid that people see in the war games/movies. The one that obviously does not belong with the cool knows what they are doing types! Instead of crying he is holding a can of tear gass that damages people around him. His Q, is him throwing his slightly damaged/burned/bloodied bandages. His ultimate is he throws the tear gas at his feet and it stuns the enemies! This is my team of backups or new recruits for the Omega Squad. Send thoughts comments and more please! {{champion:17}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:45}} + {{champion:32}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:117}}
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