The Mischievous Adventures part 330

(Meanwhile) {{champion:61}}: "Oh, where are we now? It's so dark out." {{champion:150}}: *Whimpers* {{champion:61}}: "Hey hey, it's going to be ok. We just need to get some-Ahh!" *Trips* {{champion:150}}: "Yip!" {{champion:61}}: "Ugh, I'm ok Gnar. I must of tripped on-...Wait, is this a tombstone? Are we in a cemetery?! Oh no, now we're going to get into more trouble if someone see us." {{champion:150}}: "...." {{champion:61}}: "Ugh! We have to go right now! Come on Gnar....Gnar?" {{champion:150}}: *Leans againsts a tombstone* {{champion:61}}: "What's wrong boy? Why are you-...Huh? W-What? Why....why does this have my name on it?" {{champion:83}}: "Because this is the child you were based off." {{champion:61}}: "Gah! Oh I'm terribly sorry! We didn't mean to come here." {{champion:83}}: "....It is fine. You were lost weren't you?" {{champion:61}}: "Um yeah." {{champion:83}}: "....You ran away from them, didn't you?" {{champion:61}}: "....." {{champion:83}}: "It is fine child, it was merely a matter of time.... How about you come with me? It's the least I can do." {{champion:61}}: "....You're too kind, really we owe you." {{champion:83}}: "There is nothing you can owe me, now come along." {{champion:61}}: "....Wait, can we stay here for awhile?....With her?" {{champion:83}}: "...As you wish. I'll be waiting until you're ready." {{champion:61}}: "Thank you."
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