I don't understand how riot thought this rework was a good idea but if ur so hell bent on it then at least use her old splash and models at least those were good but for gods sake this new Fiora is terrible. For starters it doesn't even feel like Fiora it's like a completely new champ, even if you get super fed in land you'll end up doing nothing, like sure your damage is kinda high but it doesn't matter because it requires you to run around them do by the time you proc all four your allready dead. In team fights Fiora has no survivability, no way to dive the back, and too squishy to front line, it's a horrible champion concept. And on her ult, not only does the new one suck and take forever to maybe get its soooooo boring and completely lackluster, it's name is boring it's active is boring it's just lame. like compare blade waltz vs grand challenge. Which sounds cooler? Clearly blade waltz. Which one was cooler to see and watch? Blade waltz. And with that whole thematic bullshit that she's a fencer, JUST BECAUSE HER SWORD STYLE IS FENCING DOSENT MEAN EVERYTHING SHE DOES HAS TO SEEM LIKE A REAL FENCER because, after all this is a fantasy game and if a samurai can shoot tornadoes from his sword and a pirate can eat oranges to get out of any situation I'm pretty sure a small French girl can jump around a bit its probably ok.
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