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Hello to anyone who reads this but this is a skin idea I have had for a while now but didn't know where I could submit it but found this page. Anyways I'm a huge fan of Graves and also played Doom a good bit growing up and felt like this would be such a cool skin idea to put into League for him and it could work out/fit him. I envision it would be like the Doomguy with the Super Shotgun/double barreled shotgun running around and unleashing hell on people, and when he goes for the ult he pulls out the BFG and shoots a big green plasma ball out and lays waste to people unfortunate enough to be caught in its path. The smoke grenade could be like a sticky plasma grenade that shows up green or blue on the ground when thrown out visually or just keep it as a smoke grenade but I feel the BFG and Super Shotgun are like must haves for this skin. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new skin line either it could be a one off skin or maybe it could fit in with another one like it could be Omega Squad Graves. Anyways I just wanted to get my idea out there for people to see and hopefully someone will see it to make it happen and other people will want to see it happen too, because I can't be the ONLY person out there that would like to see this happen. Take it easy guys and please vote for this so it can be seen that there is interest in this!

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