Premade Game "Ward Seekers"

Rules: - Each Team Must have 1 Yuumi. {{champion:350}} - Each Players must not buy anything except for 1 pink ward. - Each player must buy the pink ward and place in on their respective side of the map. - Pink wards must be placed beyond allied nexus (cannot be placed in fountain or areas before the nexus) - Pink wards cannot be placed immediately next to allied to towers. - All Players must take {{summoner:4}} & Hex Flash. - Players may not take {{summoner:12}} or {{summoner:14}} - Players must take fleet footwork as primary rune. - Players may not recall. - Only Yuumi can attack pink wards. - Match will last 20 minutes. - Champions with global teleport cannot be used. {{champion:4}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:98}} - Failure to follow rules will be handled in escalating manner: Warning > Penalty > Match Forfeit. Point System: 2 point for per death on enemy Yuumi. (This includes executions). 1 point per death on enemy champion. (This Includes executions). 5 points per allied Yuumi taking down enemy pink ward. 1 point for first team to surrender at 20 minutes. -4 points if rule is broken intentionally. Win Conditions: - Destroy all 5 Enemy Pink Wards. {{item:2055}} - IF game time ends team with most points wins. - In the event of a DRAW both team's Yuumi will buy 1 pink ward. First team place the pink ward in enemy teams fountain will win.

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