Skin Idea Primetime Featuring Nidalee/Azir/Yasuo/Kayle/Katarina/Irelia/Nami/Syndra/Sion/Zed/Kalista

> Forword: These artworks are just for inspirational use. If you however find a picture to your very liking, then click on it and get redirected to DeviantArt and the artwork's creator. *Shocking news! Nidalee is sweeping across Runeterra. She defeats the crime and is fast as the lightning! Prepare for **Thundercat Nidalee**! * *The fairytales are true! If you make a wish when seeing a falling star, it will come true! Prepare for **Voidborn Azir**! (Right in the picture. His servants are the left ones - I know, I know.. the size doesn't fit, but it's just for inspiration) * *They say that there are gods who invite humans to death. They are called **Shinigami** and one of them is **Yasuo**! * *She came from a world far away. She is an angel but also a punisher. She acts in the name of Justice, yet has never been **Victorious**, except now! Come forth **Kayle**!* *Her body flies in the same speed as her daggers, yet her beautiful and cunning visage can also be very serious. Welcome **Demonblade Katarina**.* *They are unshaped blades with a deadly edge, but now her blades become real weapons that float with her body and mind. When she uses her Ultimate, one by one her blades in her back disappear - they return once her Ultimate is up again. On top of it, the more enemies are around her, the more her passive gives her Tenacity and the more her head becomes shielded. This... Is... The.. LEGENDARY **WEAPONMASTER IRELIA**!* *What if **Nami** never was the saviour of her folk, but a Queen who leads the **Red Tide** army to Runeterra to conquer?* *She has enough power to carry a floating castle, but she herself is dressed with light clothes. How come this? Beware, here comes **Imperial Syndra**.* *Risen from dead, he now continues the work of thousand blacksmiths before him - he is **Forgemaster Sion** and he will forge his own destiny.* *His techniques are forbidden and ancient, and for that he cloaks himself to the same style as the past **Master of Shadows**, here's **Zed!** * *She is a spectral spirit who seeks for vengeful souls who carries the rage and bloodlust until the very end. But she began as a human once too. Hands up for **Human Kalista**!*
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