LP Loss Due To afk, New Ranked Season Idea.

{{champion:142}} Hello everyone, just recently I played a ranked game that ended in a loss. This happened, because of numerous reason, me and teammates alike however, one reason that stood above all was our afk top lanner. So I thought about well dang this sucks I'm going to use Lp because of someone else negligence to want to play the game. So I thought about a simple compromise so that way others wont be as hurt when someone afks. The comprise is, how about the one person who decided to leave loose's Lp, because how is it fair to others who want to play the game with a handicap that was out of there control. I mean it can be easily applied along with the lever buster punishment, because at the end of the day the leaver buster goes directly to that one person, so why not the lose of Lp to that person as well, I'm sure it could be coded the same way. Also just like in the beginning of the game, when somone doesnt leave base after a certain time, the game goes into a remake. Why not apply that same concept, so when someone afks for a certain amount of time during game the game just ends and counts as a remake. I would think that since in the new season losses wont count against you why not make more remakes then if that even matters just an idea please get back when you can. {{champion:142}}
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