Champion Concept: Harambe- The wukong

Passive: Harambe does +60% damage to Yordles and Annie, but Harambe takes +100% damage from Safari Caitlyn. **Q- Child throw** Harambe throws annie across summoner rift, dealing 60% of there maximum health immediately. This skill is not a skillshot and is a lock on ability. 10 second cooldown at all levels and has infinite range. **W- Run from the Zookeepers** Harambe gains +100% movement speed that lasts for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 2 minutes at all levels **E- Child drag** Harambe drags an enemy champion to any destination, this ability last forever until Harambe recasts to cancel it or he is cc'd/killed. There is no range on this ability so Harambe can drag the enemy to his fountain. **R- Rise of the planet of boosted Apes** Harambe calls onto his boosted Apes and suddenly 5 Apes rampage through Summoners Rift. These five Apes, Harambe, Wukong, Gorilla Grodd, King Kong, and Winston ( Overwatch ), chase down any enemies on the map forever until killed. Each ape has 50k hp and tons of armor and magic resist. Also one basic attack from them and your instantly killed. These Apes will dive fountain and will not stop the chase once vision of you has been spotted. 4 minute cooldown. **Lore: **Poor Amumu had enough of the hate and decided to commit suicide. He jumped into the gorilla enclosure. Lucky for him Harambe caught Amumu and they started to chat. Harambe gave amumu courage and self-confidence and Amumu started to cry tears of joy. He was crying because he finally found a friend. But that friendship did not last long as Zookeeper Caitlyn got the wrong idea and ended Harambe's life. Amumu now roams Summoners Rift looking for the cold hearted Caitlyn. Disclaimer: This was just a joke, sorry if I offended anyone.
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