Very Loose Skin Concept: Naskaarl

Just a random idea I had a couple days ago while playing a Kled main friend of mine: **Naskaarl** (Intended to resemble NASCAR, the professional race car sport) Almost certain this would never become a skin (joke doesn't transfer into other languages, Kled and Skaarl are simply called Kled, licencing issues) but I thought the idea was too fun to not mention on here even if it's just for fun. Not totally sure what the skin would be like, but I figured Kled's R somewhat resembles a race car going very fast. When Kled loses Skaarl he reminds me of one of the pit crew workers as well, but honestly I haven't bothered fleshing out the idea any more than that so far. Might update this post later or make another post if I come up with a more solid idea for it, despite the improbability of it ever becoming a skin.
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