[Champion Concept] Azuza Rar - The Sin Lord of Fear

**Champion's class:** Tank **Champion's sub-class:** Vanguard (offensive tank) **Favorable roles:** Solo-top/ Jungle/ Solo-mid > Table of content: > > 1. Stats > 2. Kit > 3. Lore > 4. Quotes > 5. Extra info Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg92QpjRcJk **** **** **** > #1. STATS HEALTH: 475 – 2035 HEALTH REGEN: 5.5 – 17.2 ATTACK DAMAGE: 48 – 125 ATTACK SPEED: 0.625 (+0% – 34.8%) ATTACK RANGE: 155 MANA: 250 – 880 MANA REGEN: 6.2 – 19.6 ARMOR: 20 – 50 MAGIC RESIST: 20 – 50 MOVEMENT SPEED: 340 **** **** **** > #2. KIT https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png Passive **Metallic Aura** Increase your armor by 25% of your bonus attack damage and your magic resist by 15% of your ability power. Fear effects will have have 50% shorter duration on you and silence effects will have 25% shorter duration on you. In addition, emit an aura, sharing 10% of your armor with nearby friendly champions. You and all other friendly champions, affected by this aura, will be considered **Metalmorphed**. If you take magic damage, this aura will get disabled for 3 sec. **Metalmorphed** Your armor can't be reduced. https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png Q **Metal Mist** Release a slow moving cloud of metallic particles to go in a straight lane, penetrating all enemies in its way. Every enemy touched by this cloud will suffer 50/75/100/125/150 (+130% of your magic resist) magic damage. Every time this cloud kills an enemy, it will get 25 bonus radius. In addition, you are invisible, while you are inside of this cloud. If this cloud hits an enemy, who is affected by **Magnetic Shards**' debuff, then that enemy will get his/her movement speed reduced by 60% for 1 sec. As you use this ability, it gains charges - maximum 4 charges. When this ability is fully charged, then the next cloud will not deal damage, but instead will inflict fear for 1.2 sec to every enemy it touch and this cloud will move 100% faster (consumed all charges). **Projectile movement speed:** around 450 **Range:** 900 **Radius:** 150 **Max radius:** 400 **Cooldown:** 8 sec **Mana cost:** 50/55/60/65/70 https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png W **Magnetic Shards** Spawn a storm of magnetic shards in targeted area for 6 sec. Enemies, who touch this storm, will get a debuff, which will reduce their critical strike by 15% and cause them to suffer 20/30/40/50/60 (+40% your armor) (+25% your magic resist) magic damage every sec. Debuff lasts for 3 sec. While this storm lasts, you can reactivate this ability and target a new area, causing this storm to slowly move towards that area. Enemies, who remain in area of this ability, will get this debuff reapplied ever 0.5 sec. Every time this debuff is reapplied, enemy will get a stack of **Metal Horror** on him/her for 3.5 sec. **Metal Horror** Next _fear_ effect on this target will consume all stacks and will lasts 0.15 sec longer per stack consumed. **Range:** 500 **Reactivation range:** 600 **Movement speed of the storm:** about 300 **Radius:** 220 **Cooldown:** 12 sec **Mana cost:** 90 https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png E **The Force of Attraction** Target yourself or any enemy within the range, marking your target for 3 sec. Target another enemy (or yourself), causing both enemies (or you and the enemy) to be pulled to each other, enemies (or enemy) will suffer 60/90/120/150/180 (+110% of your armor) physical damage as they meet and root both of them (of just the enemy, if you pulled yourself and the enemy) in place for 1.5 sec. If enemies get pulled though or into your **Metallic Mist** or **Magnetic Shards**, then you will gain 40/45/50/55/60% bonus attack speed for 4 sec, decaying over the duration. If you target an enemy or yourself, but fail to target the second target within 3 sec, this ability will go on 50% longer cooldown. This ability can't pull enemies (and yourself) though walls, so if an enemy (or enemies) is pulled into the wall, then pulling will stop and that enemy will suffer 25% greater damage, but he/she will not be rotted in place. **Range:** 500 **Maximum distance between targets:** 700 (if distance is greater, then pulling effect will not trigger and ability will go on cooldown) **Cooldown:** 16 sec **Mana cost:** 110 https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png R **Feast on Fear** _Passive_: when you inflict a fear effect on enemy champion, you will be healed for 30/50/70 (+40% of your armor) (+20% of your magic resist) health. In addition, your every 10/9/8th basic attack will inflict 0.75 sec fear into your target (this effect is disabled, while active part of ability is on cooldown). This fear effect can't trigger on same enemy more often, than once every 10 sec. _Active_: instantly blink to a feared enemy champion within the range, suppressing him/her and yourself for 2 sec. While this ability lasts, steal 40/50/60 (+40% of your armor) (+30% of your magic resist) health from your target every 0.5 sec. **Range:** 650 **Cooldown:** 90/80/70 sec **Man cost:** 100 https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png **** **** **** > #3. LORE http://i67.tinypic.com/dha6gz.jpg Long time ago, there was an infamous city of Crohha. Inhabited by wizards, witches, elemental sages and all other kinds of magical people, yet, the city was known not for that. The thing, which went around Runeterra, from person to person, was a rumor about a demonic prison, where dark spirits were imprisoned. And while there were many different rumors about this prison, the existence of it wasn't a rumor - it was a fact. When city was built, new and fresh, the prison was already there, older than any other building in the town, magicians and witches used it to imprison demons and all other evil spirits they could find. No one really knew how these demons were captured and imprisoned, what kind of magic were used. Only the magicians, who captured these demons, knew these secrets. Over hundred years, many different demons were captured, including 10 Lords of Sins, the most powerful demons know to men: * Lord of Vanity - creature, born out of a blessed mirror, but was corrupted by demonic essence, twisting it into horrible form. Demon, who lives to expose weakness, darkest wishes and feelings, who feasts on horror and pain of mortals. * Lord of Greed - a demon, who fashions itself with bones of monsters and animals. Very mysterious, while being very intelligent and cunning, this demon acts more as a wild animal, tearing attacking anyone in sight, tearing them apart. * Lord of Envy - poor blooded demon, who traveled from the underworld. He envy lives of mortals, simple and beautiful, so he takes them them away, killing mortals, watching them die slowly, painfully, as he enjoys every moment of it. * Lord of Fear - one of three female demons, she is passionate and wild. Made purely out of metal, no mortal weapon can even leave a scratch on her, while she enjoys breaking weapons of mortals, corner them and feast on their fear, as she takes away the hope from their hearts. * Lord of Rebellion - second female demon, but entirely different from the first one. Calm, collected, always plotting something, always things three steps ahead of everyone. She represents the grandest rebellion there could be - a rebellion against death, as she is the most powerful necromancer there could be. * Lord of Despair - the lindworm. He is half dragon, half demon. Strong, dark, malicious, he is the despair itself, as even his breath is poisonous. No normal mortal could ever be in his presence, as even being close to him, you would be poisoned to death in seconds, without him doing anything. * Lord of Thirst - the strangest and most mysterious of all other demons. He was knows to kill mortals on the spot sometimes and other times helping them to do what they want. Not even other lords of sins knew what he is or why he does something. Only one thing was certain - wherever he went, massive storms followed him. * Lord of Sorrow - the third female demon, maybe the saddest one of all other lords. She was born as a human, yet through terrible twists of fate, she ended up becoming a demon, bringing sadness and grief the every living creature around her. * Lord of Pride - maybe the most unusual demon between them all, he cowered himself with armor, not showing even an inch of his true body. Also, he wields the Eternity Blade, the heaviest and most destructive weapon known to mankind. And he wields it with ease, like it doesn't weight anything. * Lord of Rage - a living inferno or hatred, rage and bloodlust, he is the flame of destruction, yet, in his wake, ashes are reformed, brought back to life as remnants of his power. Without a form, he possess mortals, live inside of them until his vessels burns to crisps from within. This city was well known and many powerful magicians living in it, yet, one day it disappeared from the face of Runeterra without a trace. Witnesses said they seen great number of crows, from thousands to millions, flying towards this city. Other, whisper about a demonic crow god, massive demon bird, who took this city right to the underworld or entirely separate dimension. However, no one really knows what happened, as no historical documents remained, to depict this even. Only rumors flew through people, but even those disappeared, as time went by. Now, after great number of years, something started to change, something started to move. Travelers started to see things, talk about them to other people. They tell about unusual thing: about massive number of crows swirling about certain locations, about echos of screams and fighting, about strange chill in the air and about horrifying shadows. People have forgotten about this city, about demons, who were locking inside of it. However, now they will be forced to remember, people will be forced to know the vile beings from this city. Runeterra will learn to fear and cower, as these Lords of Sins will emerge back into the world one by one. https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png **A tale about the iron maiden** Long long time ago, when nights were long and terrifying, and myths were reality, many different creatures roamed through Runeterra. Some very common, some were unique, some got extinct and remained just as legends. But, one creature, beyond ancient, left not only a legend. When first cities just started appearing on the face of Valoran, a certain presence was already there, hiding in the night and shadows. It was a women, but certainly not the human kind. She bred fear, mistrust in each other, lurked at the end of civilization. Many brave souls tried to challenge this female demon, but everyone failed. No sword was strong enough, no arrow was sharp enough. During the night, when monster hunted and people fought back, sounds of metal hitting metal were heard, echoing though the settlements. When day come, only broken weapons and dead people were found. For hundreds of years, this female iron monster roamed the land of Valoran, terrorizing people and no human man could math her. But now, when centuries passed and iron maiden faded into myths, when nights are safe from her terror and people forgot about her, she still remains somewhere, hidden from the world. Monster like her can't be defeated or killed, they can only be sealed away. But, every weapon brakes, every seal wears off, only iron demon remains eternal. https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png **Crohha archive: Iron Demon** On the 15th day of the hunt, i found several survivors, who have seen the demon up close. Interrogated them, trying to learn as much as i can, before i face this monster. While not very helpful, they provided several good details about the demon. My predictions may be correct, explaining why it attacks only during the night. Also, based on all information i have, this creature doesn't seem to be hostile in deadly way. It kills people only when attacked. This proves why some people are left alive and some are killed. 17 the day. I think i found a patter of attacks. This creature seems to be attracted to locations, where metal-working is taking place. Its usual targets are blacksmiths, armories and similar locations with lots of metal. I suspect that iron is s some sort of sustain for this demon. 24th day. Yesterday i seen it with my own eyes. Made purely out of metal, ugly, yet elegant monster. Very woman-like in its movement and posture. I managed to follow this demon for quite some time, until i found a good moment to attack. Physical attacks, as suspected, have absolutely no impact on it. However, magical attacks, mainly lightning type magic, were super effective. I wasn't able to inflict any physical wounds, but my spells done some internal damage, as demon retreated to recuperate. 31st day. I managed to track down demon to its lair and subdued it. Sealed the demon inside of wooden coffin, ready to transfer it to city of Crohha. https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/07/13/12/35/border-159926_960_720.png **Azuza Rar** Now even she remember how or why she was born. Earliest memory she have is when primitive humans worshiped her as some kind of god, but a massive catastrophe wiped them from the face of the earth. Her mind bounced back many years after it, as she emerged from ashes and sands, beings as she is now - full metal. After the awakening, she felt strange hunger for fear. Somehow she knew, that she needs to terrify people, spread fear through them. So, she did just that. Many years passed, humanity slowly grew stronger, while she continued to roam from place to place, spreading horror and paranoia. She adapted to the world, learned who she is and developed a personality, yet those strange memories from the pasts remained. While not truly sure, she remembered herself as not being made of iron. Those memories were filled with golden light, warmth and hope, not like her life after that. Being well known and feared, she found that some people started worshiping her again, for her terrifying powers. These people tried to follow her, moving from place to place, asking for her to lead them. Yet, she didn't want anything to do with these people, at first. Faith is blind, it is relentless, so after some time she gave in. Once again she became an object of faith, but this time - dark faith. She "led" her followers, as she moved from lace to place, doing her usual things. She often changed her mind, chasing one thing after another, confusing her followers. Most of her actions didn't make sense, while some where completely insane: jumping a click face down to the earth, diving with dragon-sharks, bare handed fights with dragons, sleeping in a snake den, etc. Not many of her followers were aware, that she fed on their fear as well, as they followed her everywhere. When she got captured and imprisoned in the city of Crohha, she spend most of her time in a wooden box, unable to break free. Even after city got taken over and disappeared, it took her quite some time to brake free. When she walked out of her prison cell, she found herself in some kind of dungeon, with mane prison cells like her. Ignoring other inmates, she found her way back to the surface and exited the dungeon. As she looked around, she saw abandoned buildings, fog and many demonic crows around. Sky was dark, no wind was blowing. She attempted to exit this city many times, but she always ended up just in the different part of the city. It felt like a maze, with no exits or entry points. One of demonic crows landed on her shoulder and talked to her: **Crown:** you, with the flesh of my father, are granted permission to leave this place. But know this, sooner or later, my father will be reborn. ***** **** **** > #4. QUOTES **Upon champion selection:** -- _Humanity will learn to fear me once again._ **Attacking/ movement** -- _There is no strings on me._ -- _I am..... FREE!_ -- _Meaningless struggle._ -- _Cold as iron._ -- _Gold turns to bronze._ -- _Iron sand knows no limit._ -- _Your weapons are useless._ -- _Give me your best swing._ -- _I hate... magic._ -- _There is no hiding from me._ -- _I can smell their fear._ -- _Everyone is afraid of something._ -- _You can't rewind the time._ -- _Echo of their screams._ **Taunt** -- _When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world will be metal._ **Joke** -- _Do you like my curves? They are so metal._ -- _You can't squeeze those. But you are welcomed to try._ -- _Don't be afraid. Come closer, then be afraid._ -- _I swear, human males will ogle and drool for anything._ **** **** **** > #5. EXTRA INFO Some quotes are from Avenger movie. If i am not wrong, the picture is from game called Vindictus. How i would build this champion: 1) {{item:3111}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} 2) {{item:3047}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3153}}

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